YouTube Music App – How To Stream Music Offline For Free

Youtube Music is one of the many music streaming apps available for music lovers today. It has an edge over others because you can also watch music videos and at the same time gives you more freedom in terms of customization.

With an app, you can stream songs and music videos that are catered to your own preference. There are also recommended music for open-minded people who are ready to explore beyond their favourite artists. The recommendations are based on your previous listening history that considers the genres, playlist and songs that you have previously listened to.

Streaming to music offline for free could easily be done if you are a YouTube Music premium member. This is very practical since you can access your favorite songs and videos without spending those precious mobile data of yours. Not only it is practical, but it is also very easy.

YouTube Music App - How To Stream Music Offline For Free
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There are two ways in order to stream music offline if you are using the Youtube Music App.

1. Through the use of an offline mix tape

This way, you can save your preferred songs, chosen albums or even an entire playlist. It is easily customizable too! You can follow the step by step procedure below:

    1. First, open your Youtube Music App from your phone
    2. You have to turn on the Offline Mixtape
    3. Tap your profile photo
    4. Go to Settings
    5. Choose Downloads
    6. Turn On the Download Offline Mixtape

This is the cool part, once your Offline Mixtape is On, the app spontaneously downloads music that is based on your listening history. So if you listen to a lot of Ed Sheeran, expect other of his songs to be downloaded too. The spontaneity does not limit to artists, it can also download other related songs from different artists. You get the drift. In the case that you don’t want the songs downloaded, you can easily remove these unwanted songs by swiping to the left.

Now, not that the songs in your Offline Mixtape could be refreshed every day, or once you connected to your Wifi/Data again. This is because, some songs or videos may no longer available as restricted by content changes or the video creator restrictions.

2. Through downloading individual songs, playlists or albums with the Youtube App

In this manner, you have more control of what your downloaded songs are, since you chose them individually. To do this, you can follow the steps below:

    1. First, open your Youtube App from your phone
    2. You can download the playlist or album with the download arrow
    3. To download individual songs, tap the menu icon
    4. Tap download arrow

Remember that the amount of songs you can download and listen to offline is dependent on how much free space your device has. You should also consider the length of the song and of course, the quality of the videos. This means, the more HD videos you download, the faster your device space runs out.

I recommend you limit the number of songs you can store in your device. This is easily done by following the easy steps below:

    1. Tap your profile photo
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Choose Downloads
    4. From here you can select the range of songs you can save on your device, drag to the left for lesser songs, drag to the right for more songs.

So there you go! I have given you two very options to enjoy your music and videos anywhere offline, while saving on mobile data. It’s about time that you list down, compile and stream the songs / records that you love from your special childhood to memories of first love in high school and up to the present! Have fun streaming with YouTube Music!