Xian Lim, ayaw patawarin sa ‘pambabastos’ sa mga Bicolano

Xian Lim, ayaw patawarin sa ‘pambabastos’ sa mga Bicolano

Xian-LimAS THE pambabastos issue on Xian Lim is escalating, there are now reports that the Bicolanos want him to be slapped with a persona non grata sanction. Ano raw?

Albay governor Joey Salceda did not accept Xian’s social media apology. Tila walang kapatawaran ang ginawang pambabastos ni Xian sa kanila. But we feel that it was OA naman. Inayawan lang suotin ang T-shirt, inayawan lang ang coffee table book at sinabi lang na “I’m not here to promote Albay” ay bastos na?

Since when ba naging pambabastos ang pag-ayaw sa isang bagay?

Bastos daw si Xian. Well, that’s the image he unwittingly projected in the past. Having media friends from showbusiness, hindi ba aware si Governor Salceda na merong pambabastos issue na kay Xian in the past? Hindi ba siya nagtanong kung ano ang reputasyon ng binata when it comes to doing provincial shows? Bastos daw si Xian, eh, bakit n’yo siya kinuha?

There are reports that Bicolanos want to declare Xian as persona non grata. We find it very funny, utterly funny. Naniniwala kaming mas dapat na i-declare na persona non grata ang mga public officials na nagnanakaw sa gobyerno. Some politicians steal by the millions and sometimes by the billions but do we declare them as persona non grata? No! And that’s IDIOTICALLY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t get us wrong. Hindi namin kilala si Xian and he also doesn’t know us from Adam. Our father is from Albay and we have been there once.

And please, don’t make public how much you paid Xian for his guesting in your province. That only shows how desperately you wanted him in your show. Kung true na binastos kayo nang harap-harapan ni Xian, bakit hindi n’yo rin siya binastos nang harap-harapan kung matatapang nga kayo?

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas