How To Watch Boxing On Smartphone

With the advent of technology, you can do almost anything with your smartphone. From connecting to people to playing games and watching shows or videos. If you are a boxing enthusiast, you can watch boxing on a smartphone if you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Thankfully, there are many ways to watch boxing for free. Some networks even have an app for watching boxing real-time, but with a subscription fee. These shows can be accessed if you have the app and an account.

Want to watch boxing on your phone? Here’s a guide to help you watch boxing matches using your mobile device in the Philippines.

How To Watch Boxing On Smartphone

Download Apps

There are numerous streaming apps that you can download to access the latest boxing matches using your phone. If you’re always on the go and only have a phone with you, make sure to download these apps to stay updated on the biggest boxing matches.

  • FOX+

The Fox+ app lets you watch boxing, pro wrestling, bare-knuckle fighting, and other martial arts. It is a streaming service that helps users stay updated on the latest matches.

Before you can access the app, you need to subscribe to Fite TV+ plan worth Php390 a month. However, Fite provides a 7-day free trial so users can get a feel of the app before fully subscribing.

The premium streaming service gives full-access to boxing events and other combat sports. The paid subscription also has no ads for a better viewing experience.

  • ESPN Player

Get exclusive access to live boxing events and matches using the ESPN Player mobile application. The app contains a library of classic fights and original programming. The app also gives access to live telecasts of the biggest boxing fights.

The app is available in Asian countries including the Philippines if you wish to watch the latest and biggest boxing fights. The monthly pass cost Php650. With it, you can watch on the web and on a mobile device.

Watch Through Web Browser

If you don’t want to download apps, you can also watch boxing by visiting websites that offer free boxing telecasts. These are some of the websites you can check out.

  • MSW PH

Using your phone’s web browser, you can visit to watch big boxing fights. If there’s none, you will not find any other clips on this website. Aside from boxing, you can also watch basketball live on this website.

  • Abs-Cbn Sports

Visit the website of Abs-Cbn Sports to watch live sporting events on your phone. The website also provides news and replays so users can freely watch games and fights.

How To Watch Boxing On Smartphone


There are tons of ways that you can watch boxing on your smartphone. If you want hassle-free streaming using your mobile device, you can subscribe to a streaming network or channel. For free streaming, just visit sports and action websites.