W Talent Management – Castings & How To Apply

The W Talent Management, a division of the famous Wonderkids Modeling Agency Inc. has been representing various talents since 2005. With a highly qualified team of agents, managers, bookers, and directors, they help build the dream of every talent and turn that into success. They represent a range of talents from celebrities to athletes, to moms and content creators.

The W Talent Management, mainly operating in the Philippines but has talents all over Asia,  has been around for more than a decade, hence you know that they are legit. Their work ethics revolve around the principle that hard work, strategic development, and proper guidance makes a talent, you, a success.

Their management handles a diverse portfolio of talents. They handle the projects and careers of famous models such as Isabelle Daza, Joey Mead King, Dominique Cojuangco, Georgina Wilson-Burnand, and Bianca Araneta Elizalde.

W Talent Management - Castings & How To Apply
W Talent Management’s talent Isabelle Daza

What Is W Talent?

Celebrities like the adorable father-daughter tandem Jake and Ellie Ejercito, the famous Uy siblings, and the showbiz royal family – Gomez family, are among their top talents.

W Talent Management also handles artists behind the camera. They foster and develop the skills of the industry’s creatives such as the talented designer Vania Romoff, events stylist Robert Blancaflor, and celebrity hairstylist Suyen Salazar.  

Now that I have given you the range of their talent management portfolio, and if you happen to fit in one of the skills they are handling, you may now be asking how to go to one of their castings and eventually apply for a spot.

W Talent Management - Castings & How To Apply
Gomez Family – Lucy, Richard, and Juliana

Castings and Applications

As for castings and application, they go hand in hand. Here are the steps you need to follow.

1.  The websites shows that you can send your application to Open Calls anytime.  

2.  To apply for an Open Call, go to the link W Talent Management.

3.   Prepare all necessary materials (CV for reference, photos, and body measurements).

4.   Fill up the form with your information. This part of the application demands your body measurement. Make sure you have them in hand. And make sure to be as precise as possible in answering all the needed information.

5.   After filling up the short form, attach photos. They have a maximum of 4 attachments, so make sure you select the best ones. Your photos should be high resolution and recently taken.

6.  Click the submit button.

Navigating the Website

Their website is easily navigable. So you should not have a lot of problems with that. However, I still compiled a couple of suggestions or tips that might be helpful in your career. Read through the things I have listed.

1. The most useful advice I can give you is to stay in touch. Follow their website, twitter account, Instagram, and Facebook pages. Here you can see the casting calls they do and be informed of their current projects. Keeping in touch regularly means you have the most chance to see a casting call first, therefore you get the first dibs.

2. Always keep your portfolio updated. This means you have to have an updated CV of the works that you have done from the recent to oldest. Also, keep an excellent set of photos of you or your projects. Are you a stylist? Then have photos of your work. If you are a makeup artist, then the same goes for you. Remember, prepared is the key.

3. Use your network. I am sure that you have already worked with various professionals in your field or in related industries. Always connect to build your network- the bigger the better.  

That’s it! I have summarized and given you the information needed for a successful casting call and application. All you have to do is go to their website and follow what I have written. Good luck and I hope to see you in mainstream media soon!