TV Presenter Jobs – How To Apply?

The job that TV presenters do varies depends on the type of show they have. You can be narrating a documentary, reading the news, hosting a talk or facilitating a game show. Regardless of the niche, the overall general expectations from a TV presenter continues to be the same.

Working hours in these job types are different from others. Pre-show preparation which includes meetings, research, scriptwriting and rehearsal can take a few hours prior to the actual filming or broadcasting of the show.

These, and possibly post-show matters such as planning for next week’s broadcast, or deliberating on the next guests to invite to the show could add up to the actual working hours.

TV Presenter Jobs - How To Apply?
Phoemela Barrada presenting for Viva’s ‘Anong Ganap?’

During the broadcast, the TV presenter should be attentive enough to communicate with the director and other production staff. They should be on their toes waiting for cues, while still managing to have the spotlight on them or on the guests, adapting to unforeseen events and anticipating the answers and behaviors of guests and audiences.

The main things that employers look for TV presenters are your actual experience on the job and practical skills. Although additional qualifications such as your following would help you get a job as a presenter.

1. Knowledge in Broadcast and Media Production

Since you will be working on and off the camera, good knowledge of how media production runs would work to your advantage. It would allow you to adapt to the pace of the job and give you the capacity to flow with the ins and outs of the business.

2. Journalism, Media or Communication Studies

Similar to what I have discussed above, this qualification gives you in-depth knowledge of how media production works. It educates you on the ethics and moral codes of the business, how to handle sensitive topics and of course the broad overview of the whole industry as well.

TV Presenter Jobs - How To Apply?
TV Patrol’s Star Patroller Gretchen Fullido

3. Looks

The show will be broadcasted regionally, nationwide or internationally. This means you will become a public figure. As a public figure, you will be subjected to certain standards, quite often high and difficult to maintain. So you should always be at your best, in terms of carrying yourself and presenting yourself to others.

4. Wits

Presenters don’t just simply read from cue cards, they provide a transition between the show’s segments, interview guests, communicate with the production staff while on air. It’s a high pressured job. The presence of mind and being sharp and intelligent is mandatory with this type of job.   

The Application Process

In terms of the application process, here are the tips I have gathered based on my research.

1.  Networking

Research the people on the program and their roles and responsibility. Email them with the knowledge of who they are and what can you do for them. Staying in touch, and genuinely being interested will help you grow your network and earn people’s recognition.

2. Specialized Resume   

Your resume highlights your skills and strengths for a job. If you are applying for a TV presenter job, tailor your resume to highlight what you have that the show can use.

This includes elaborating on your related work history, relevant degrees or certificates as well as a photo so they could know if you are a good fit for the job. Submitting a resume may also include a short showreel to see your skills on the screen.

3. Open Auditions

Audition processes are normal things to go through when looking for a TV presenter job. This way, the production team can see how you work in action. 

4. Job Banks

Job banks or job boards tend to sort the job openings per category. It is also a hassle-free way to apply for TV presenter jobs. As long as you have the profile, and updated resume attached, you can customize your email alerts to the job you are looking for.

TV Presenter Jobs - How To Apply?
GMA-7’s Rhea Santos


In the end, it takes a lot of hard work. You have to work on improving yourself continuously and compete with other aspiring TV presenters. But surely, all dreams are worth fighting for right? Carry on doing all these things and for sure, you’ll land your dream job soon