TV host, sa Paris naglaladlad ng kapa?!


NAHIWAGAAN KAMI NANG bongga sa post na blind item ng isang kaibigan sa blogsite nito (

May idea na kami kung sino ito, pero para pangalanan namin ay hindi p’wede.

Baka naman mali lang ang hula namin, ‘di ba? Pero kayo na rin ang humula sa blind item na ‘to, ha?  Sana, mahulaan mo kung sino itong TV host na…

“They say that the self will find its way out, not matter how much it is suppressed.

“For wholesome, goodie-two-shoes TV Host (TVH), the honor and integrity of his family is loftier than himself. That is why in spite of his realization on his true sexuality, he never dared come out in the open – at least here in the Philippines. He chooses where he messes up and the venue is far away from the eyes of his gossiping countrymen.
“One evening in Paris, TVH decided to cruise in his favorite and exclusive bathhouse called Sun City at 62 Avenue on Sevastopol near Pompidou District. He went on his usual bathhouse activities, and being the only Asian on sight, he garnered so much attention from the dominantly European regulars.
“Or so he thought. Another Asian, a Filipino to be precise, was just lurking inside one of the dark rooms of the bathhouse. When the eyewitness finished his first round and continued cruising in the maze-like establishments, he had the shock of his life.
“He saw the respected TV host surrounded by a group of naked men. He was the center of all the actions, outperforming many porn stars that night.”
Actually, noon pa namin ito naririnig. Na everytime siya’y pupunta ng Paris, laging mag-isa.
Pero sana, hindi totoo. Pero kung totoo man, kaya pala kahit sa babae, nakikipag-away si TV host. ‘Yun pala, buma-bath house ang lola mo sa Paris.
Sana, ang pakiramdam mo, talasan mo, para mahulaan mo.
(By Ogie Diaz)