Things You Didn’t Know About Trending K-Pop Group Brave Girls

I have already known the Korean girl group Brave Girls since their debut in 2011. After listening and watching their single  “Do You Know”, I was fascinated with the group. I thought that the video was edgy but at the same time cute.

Over the years as I had follow them, there were numerous changes in terms of group lineup. Although all the original group members that I have come to love are no longer active, the members now are still extremely interesting.

The group compose of four members, had released their viral video and song Rollin’ four years ago. Now that the video and the song is going viral after several years, let us look back at the things you may not know about the currently trending Korean pop all girl group Brave Girls.

Things You Didn't Know About Trending K-Pop Group Brave Girls
Brave Girls


Things You Didn't Know About Trending K-Pop Group Brave Girls
Minyoung of Brave Girls

Minyoung was born as Kim Min Young on September 12 1990 in Incheon, South Korea. She had studied at the Hanyang University Dance Arts and was focusing on Korean traditional dance. But she also had a background in ballet, having studied it for years.

She joined Brave Girls in 2015 and is considered the unofficial leader of the group. But prior to debuting as a member of the group, she was a member of the old girl group ZZBest.  In the group’s album High Heels, it was Minyoung’s legs that are on the cover. 


Things You Didn't Know About Trending K-Pop Group Brave Girls
Yujeong of Brave Girls

Born as Nam Yu Jeong on May 2 1991 in Suwon, South Korea. She grew up in Hong Kong and had studied in an International School there. This allowed her to speak fluently in English. As for her Bachelors degree, she studied at the Sungshin Women’s University focusing on media communications.

She joined the group Brave Girls the same year as Minyoung in 2015. She is considered as the group’s vocalists and at the same time the group’s visuals due to her cute looks.    


Things You Didn't Know About Trending K-Pop Group Brave Girls
Eunji of Brave Girls

Hong Eun Ji was born on July 19 1992 in Yeosu South Korea. She was enrolled in Myongji University and took up film and musical. her flexibility an natural talent in acrobatics make her such an excellent dancer and performer. She joined the group in 2015 as the group’s main rapper and vocalist. She is also known for her highly expressive and huge round eyes, which a lot of fans extremely adore.


Things You Didn't Know About Trending K-Pop Group Brave Girls
Yuna of Brave Girls

Yuna was born as Lee Yu Na on April 6 1993 in Jeju Island, South Korea. She joined the group in 2015 and is the group’s lead vocalist, lead rapper and lead dancer. Yuna is also the group’s youngest member of the maknae. She gives flair and flavor to the group for being charismatic  despite being a little bit boyish. She pulls off it’s a shake and classy but tough at the same time look. Most fans and Korean pop listeners usually compare her to Irene from the girl group Red Velvet because they look alike.

Although these four members are only the currently active members of the group, other group members who have left the group include Eunyoung, Seo-a, Yejin, Yoojin, Hyeran, and Hayun.

The group recently received their first music show win with their song Rollin’. This is their first win considering that they have debuted for over 10 years. this win is considered the longest gap from debut to first win in all of Korean pop history. As of this researching popularity the group had resumed all promotional activities that involves the song Rollin.

So what do you think about this song did you like it too? Isn’t it completely catchy and the steps are equally very artistic. No wonder this song gets another shot in the charts!