Things You Didn’t Know About Teejay Marquez

TEEJAY MARQUEZ (real name Teejay Madrilejo) is an actor, dancer, and commercial model making his way to become one of the Philippines’ bankable stars.

Making him and his leading-man worthy visuals famous in the super popular mobile App, Dubsmash, Teejay had been in commercials, movies and series nonstop.

To know more about this neighborhood hottie, who conquered the hearts of millions of viewers here and in abroad, read on!

Things You Didn't Know About Teejay Marquez
Teejay Marquez


His real name is Teejay Madrilejo. Exactly like that. The story goes that when he was born, his father only wanted to write TJ in his birth certificate, against the better judgment of the doctors and nurses. So his father changed it to Teejay instead, and it does not stand for anything as initials usually do. Such a unique name, isn’t it?

When he was in grade school, he studied at Notre Dame of Greater Manila before transferring to St, James Academy. In college, he took up Banking and Finance, thinking that people in banks have the coolest jobs. But he transferred to culinary arts at the Trinity University Asia because he loves eating and cooking for friends and family. This was the time he started various jobs in commercial modelling. He said he wanted to save a lot of money then he can back to his studies.

Entry to Showbiz via GMA

Things You Didn't Know About Teejay Marquez
Kiko Estrada, Kim Rodriguez and Teejay Marquez in Tween Hearts

He began his career in various commercials while still studying culinary arts. He first appeared in television as a recurring cast in the show Reel Love Presents Tween Hearts in GMA Network, playing the role of Nathaniel Antonio “Nathan” Dimagalpok. His work in Tween Hearts won him the PMPC Star Award for Best New Male TV Personality in 2011.

Things You Didn't Know About Teejay Marquez

From there, he was a co-host between 2011-2014 at Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman. He also appeared in Party Pilipinas as a performer and in the fantasy drama Pyra: Ang Babaeng Apoy. As of 2015, he is under ABS-CBN Management.

Life in Indonesia as an Actor/Performer

 He became extremely popular in Indonesia after one of his Dubsmash videos became viral. This sudden popularity in the country opened doors of opportunity for him, but of course it was not easy due to the language barrier.

Things You Didn't Know About Teejay Marquez
Teejay Marquez in Indonesia

He started out only speaking English in Indonesian shows. However, the shows demanded that he had to speak Bahasa more. He took this as a challenge and hired someone to tutor him. His hard work paid off as he can converse fluently in Bahasa with his fellow actors over time. Audiences even think that he is either half-Malaysian or half-Indonesian. He also works in Malaysia, given his fluent skills in Bahasa.

His biggest break in Indonesia was when he portrayed the role of Sean in the Indonesian adaptation of the iconic Taiwanese series ‘Meteor Garden’ entitled Siapa Takut Jatuh Cinta (STJC). He filled in the role of Sean, which was the counterpart of the original F4’s Xi Men (played originally by Ken Chu). Surely, he can come back to Indonesia anytime he wants to and who knows, he might shoot more projects there soon!

Teejay’s New Projects

 In July 2018, he posted a video in his YouTube account that he is finally back in the YouTube world. He started his account four years ago. Right now, the account has 254 thousand subscribers.

He is staring in the Filipino BL series Ben X Jim together with Jerome Ponce. The dital webseries is under Regal Entertainment Inc. It has 7 episodes and will be aired from Oct 15, 2020 – Nov 26, 2020. It also stars Ron Angeles (playing the supporting character Olan) and Johannes Rissler (playing the supporting role Leo)

Things You Didn't Know About Teejay Marquez
Jerome Ponce and Teejay Marquez in ‘Ben X Jim’

This new project comes in the perfect time as he is past his tween years. After he finished filming for the Who’s Afraid to Fall In Love? (Siapa Takut Katij Cinta, a TV soap in Indonesia) he said in an interview that he is ready to do daring roles, even some challenging roles to prove his acting depth.

Regardless of what he do in the future, he had already accomplished a lot – his career expanding to neighboring countries in Malaysia and Indonesia, an impressive feat for someone who is young. We could all look forward to the projects he make this year and the upcoming years!