Things You Didn’t Know About Song Ji Hyo

TWO WORDS and you would have smiled so brightly that your mirth reaches your eyes – “Running Man”. Yes, the long running Korean reality comedy show that reached international fame is one of the many programs our girl Song Ji Hyo is famous for, she is a regular cast (since 2010) after all.

Apart from the show subbed in numerous languages ( Persian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Burmese, Arabic, Russian, and Turkish), the show is continuously gets high viewer ratings while entertaining people of all ages from all corners of the globe.

Though she has been a staple member, Song Ji Hyo made her name prior to being a regular in the Running Man. The Philippines, in particular loved her for her role in the historical drama Jumong, where she played the first wife of the titular hero. Let us find out more about Song Ji Hyo and her current projects!

Things You Didn't Know About Song Ji Hyo
Song Jo Hyo in ‘Was It Love?’


Cheon Seong-im, or known professionally as Song Ji Hyo was born in Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea on August 15, 1981. The eldest among three siblings (one younger sister and one younger brother), she already knew that she wanted to be an actress at a young age. This dream was solidified when she watch the great Park Shin Yang in the 1998 film “The Promise”.

Although the dream still persists, she made sure that she gets her education before pursuing her acting career. Prior to her entering the entertainment industry, she majored in tax accounting at the Kyungmoon University. The opportunity knocked when she was casted while working at a café.  


Things You Didn't Know About Song Ji Hyo
Princess Hours

First venturing into modeling, she became a cover model for the Kiki Magazine. Her debut in film was in the 2003 horror film “Wishing Stairs”. Three years later, she landed the role of the second leading lady at the iconic series “Princess Hours” in 2006. She played the role Min Hyo-rin, the ballerina which captured the heart of the crown prince.

Things You Didn't Know About Song Ji Hyo
Song Ji Hyo in Jumong

Her popularity and acting, however, was solidified and recognized when she played the role of Lady Ye So-ya in the 2006 historical drama “Jumong”. She continued to appear in various dramas such as “Emergency Couple”, “Ex-Girlfriends’ Club”, “Listen To Love”, “Lovely Horribly” and “Was It Love”.


She is not only a highly talented actress, she also excels in hosting. In fact, She has been hosting major events in television since 2007. Her first, being at the “Inkigayo” the weekly South Korean music program that features the hottest acts live on stage.

She also hosted for shows such as “We Are In Love”, “Song Ji Hyo’s Beauty View”, “I Am Jyo Unnie” and “Song Ji Hyo’s Beautiful Life”. And of course, the legendary show “Running Man” from which she has been a host since its inception in 2010.


Things You Didn't Know About Song Ji Hyo
The cast members of ‘Was it Love?’

She currently appears in the drama “Was It Love” as Noh Ae-Jung, the single mother who works as a film producer while struggling to raise a daughter. The drama starts when suddenly, four good-looking men,  ideal for long term partnership appeared in her life. The drama also stars the Son Ho-jun, Song Jong-ho, Kim Min-joon, Koo Ja-sung and Kim Da-som. The drama, which has sixteen episodes, currently airs in Netflix.

Things You Didn't Know About Song Ji Hyo
Song Ji Hyo

Are you impressed with Song Ji Hyo yet? It’s amazing how she showcases her versatility in acting, hosting and just regular shows, on top of her personal life. Unlike other actors in her field, she obviously expands her horizons and is not trapped by a single niche, which I highly admire of her. To see her latest drama, and swoon over other talented and beautiful actors, watch the “Was It Love” in Netflix!