Things You Didn’t Know About Son Ye-Jin

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If you haven’t watched the worldwide phenomenon, Crash Landing On You, I have no idea why. The iconic love story between a North and South Korean couple had yet again pushed its leading actors into international fame.

Fans has been raving about the not-so-typical personalities of the female leads, including the performance of the Queen of Melodrama, Son Ye-Jin who plays Yoon Se-ri in the drama. Unknown to all, Son Ye Jin had been working her way up before she made it into the Big Leagues. Here are some of the things you may not know about Son Ye Jin.

Things You Didn't Know About Son Ye-Jin
Son Ye-Jin as Yoong Se-ri in Crash Landing On You


1. She is highly dedicated to her craft. One of the many reasons she made it this far in her career is that she gives more than what is demanded. Every time she plays a role, she is not hesitant to give it her all. If the role demands no makeup, eating sloppily or waking up from bed, she’d gladly do it without a fuss.

2.     The travel bug had bit her. She is a passionate traveler with no discrimination of the sights to see. You can see the variety of her travel photos in her Instagram account.


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3.     She is such a foodie! This is evident from all the food posts she has on her Instagram account.

4.     Although she eats well, she maintains a good body and has terrific posture. This is because she has been doing Pilates and Total Body Resistance Exercise for over ten years now.

5.     She majored in film during her university days. But she really is an artist at heart. In fact, during a house tour, you can see the walls of her house filled with creative arts and pieces.

6.     Her debut on the big screen was during her high school days. She played a supporting role in the film Secret Tears in 2001.

7.     The film “The Classic” in 2003 is considered to be her breakout role. She stars with the highly talented and good looking Jo In Sung.

Things You Didn't Know About Son Ye-Jin
Scene from the 2003 movie ‘The Classic’

8.     Aside from Hyun Bin in Crash Landing On You, she also worked with other huge leading actors in Korea. She worked with Lee Min Ho in the drama “Personal Taste” and Jung Hae In in “Something In The Rain”.

9.     Before Crash Landing On You, Son Ye Jin already worked with Hyun Bin in another project. They worked on a crime-thriller movie “The Negotiation”.

Things You Didn't Know About Son Ye-Jin

10.  The Queen of Melodramas is not the only title she was given. She is also known as “The Nation’s First Love”. You know you’ve made it big when an entire nation gives you a title.

11.  Her acting skills have earned her numerous awards throughout the years. Not just ordinary awards, but the biggest award giving bodies in South Korea such as Baeksang Arts Awards, Blue Dragon Film Awards and Grand Bell Awards.

Things You Didn't Know About Son Ye-Jin

12.  Many things in showbusiness come and go. Not for Son Ye Jin. She values the relationship she builds over the years. That is why she still goes to the same gym for more than 10 years. Her hairdresser has been with her for more than 15 years. And she has been under the same management company for almost 20 years. This lady values consistency.

Things You Didn't Know About Son Ye-Jin
Son Ye-Jin for Marie Claire

Son Ye Jin would definitely come to mind if you think about beauty and brains. She is drop dead gorgeous, multi awarded actress and a good person in front and behind the cameras. For someone who worked her way to the top, she definitely deserves all the awards and projects she is getting. We only wish her more projects to come as her versatility in her roles and her acting range is such a delight to watch. To our ultimate #goals, Son Ye Jin, we wish you all the best!