Things You Didn’t Know About Rapper Saweetie

SAWEETIE is one of the fast-rising rapper in the United States. With her single “Best Friend” featuring Doja Cat, Saweetie can be heard in radios and seen in television worldwide.

But as Filipinos, we automatically love her because her mother is of Filipina-Chinese descent. By default, we have to support her, well apart from the fact that she is seriously talented and really good in her field. You know what I mean.

Let us take a moment to know more about Saweetie, the adorable, bad ass, multi-talented rapper that is slowly taking the world by storm!

Things You Didn't Know About Rapper Saweetie


Saweetie was born Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper on July 2, 1993 in Hayward, California. Her mother is from Filipina-Chinese descent and her father, from an African-American descent. She graduated from the Monterey Trail High School. She pursued her bachelor’s degree in communications at the University of Southern California.

Things You Didn't Know About Rapper Saweetie
Saweetie with her lovely mother

She began writing songs when she was just 13 years old. Saweetie focused on her education first, proven by the fact that she earned her degree first. After finishing her degree, she focused in pursuing her rap career. Her nickname growing up was actually her stage name now – Saweetie. It was her grandmother who called her that saying “I was her sweetie”.


Saweetie already had a passion in her field even before she was discovered. Using the power and the influence of social media, she began posting short rap videos of her on her Instagram account in 2016. Among these videos is My Neck, My Back from Khia.

This was eventually transformed into what is now the Icy Grl, which was then released on her personal SoundCloud account in 2017. This was then recognized by Max Gousse, a producer and music executive. Max then became her manager. The music video for this song went super viral, amassing more than a hundred million views as of summer of 2020, and the rest, they say, is history.


Saweetie hustles like mad. Only a few years after her debut, she already has 18 singles under her name. Her first single that reached number 1 in the US charts is “My Type”, which also is a 2x platinum in her album “Icy”. She again reached number one with her single “Back to the Streets” (featuring Jhené Aiko), from her album Pretty Bitch Music.

She also did a lot of collaborations with other artists in the industry. Her first collaboration was with Zak Abel for the single “You Come First” in 2018.  While her latest collaboration was with Ava Max for the single “Kings & Queens, Pt. 2”. The song also featured Lauv.


Things You Didn't Know About Rapper Saweetie
Saweetie’s High Maintenance

So far, Saweetie had released two extended plays. First is High maintenance, which was released in 2018, containing 9 tracks which includes “High Maintenance” and “Icy Grl”. She was also one of the producers for this EP. It was followed a year later by her second EP – Icy. This second EP is shorter, only has seven songs.


Things You Didn't Know About Rapper Saweetie

Saweetie is scheduled to release her first debut solo album this year – Pretty Bitch Music. Under Artistry and Warner Records, the album includes “Tap In”, “Back To The Streets”, and “Best Friend” which features Doja Cat.  

According to Saweetie, the album focuses on “exponential growth and producing artistry”. She said that she hopes to make people have fun and feel confident and sexy, as what she particularly said “being about your business”.


She is currently in a relationship with Quavo of Migos. She is a car enthusiast! Although she already achieved her goal of owning a Bentley, she sets her eyes on owning her ultimate car dream – a Bugatti.

Saweetie also wanted to be on one reality TV show, and that is the super popular Shark Tank. She explains, as a business woman she would like to know if her ideas get picked up and would eventually turn into a multi-million dollar corporation. 

Isn’t she so talented? Apart from her career as a professional artist, Saweetie is also so proud of her Filipino roots. Filipino fans even call her “Ate Icy” which she totally gushes over. Okay, BRB, got to review all Saweetie songs now.