Things You Didn’t Know About Park Yoo-Na of ‘True Beauty’

I am proud to say that I have known Park Yoona prior to her being a household name due to the super popular, currently airing drama, “True Beauty”.

I first noticed her from her previous work on the grandiose television series “Hotel De Luna” which stars the model, singer, actress Lee Ji-Eun (popularly known as IU) and Yeo Jin Goo.

After seeing her there, her unique face and highly convincing acting skills made me realize, that this lady, Park Yoona, is gonna make it big someday. And I was right. Here are some of the things you didn’t know about Park YooNa.

Things You Didn't Know About Park Yoo-Na of 'True Beauty'
Park Yoo-na as Soo Jin in ‘True Beauty’


 Park Yoona was born December 23, 1997. She attended the Hanlim Multi Art School in the Practical Dance Department. Yoona has a brother, but she keeps the identity secret. She is currently signed at the WIP, which is a subsidiary of the 8D Creative company.


Prior to making her own name in showbusiness, she already appeared in various music videos. This includes appearing as Bobby’s girlfriend in iKON’s “WYD” and in Yesung’s (from Super Junior) “Here I Am”.

She also appeared on The Golden Bell Challenge, a weekly quiz show that features high school students, prior to her debut. In a recent episode of the “Running Man”, she confirmed that she used to be an idol trainee.


She first appeared in the 2015 television series “Cheer Up!” as Kim Kyung-Eun, one of the members of the dance club. This was followed by another role in the 2017 crime thriller drama “Stranger”, playing the characters of Kwon Min-ah  and Kim Ga-yeong. In 2017, she played a supporting role of Jung Na-hyun in the series “The Package”.

Things You Didn't Know About Park Yoo-Na of 'True Beauty'
Park Yoo-Na in Sky Castle

Yoo Na started to capture the hearts of the many by appearing in continuously successful series. First, she appeared in the highly rated series “Gangnam Beauty” in 2018 as Yoo-Eun. Then, in 2018, she landed a role in “Sky Castle”, where she plays Cha Se-Ri, a fake Harvard Student and addicted to night clubs. In 2019, she was casted as Princess Song-Hwa and Lee Mi-Ra, the Harvard graduate from Hotel De Luna.


Park YooNa is currently playing the role of Kang Soo Jin, the studious, tough, but abused high school student in the drama adaptation of the popular web series “True Beauty”. She is again reunited with Cha Eun-woo, whom she worked with previously in the drama “Gangnam Beauty”.

With this project, fans have been raving about her performance, as she is that tough, smart and kick ass model student, but at the same time, kind and compassionate friend to the leading roles of Cha Eun Woo and Moon Ga Young.

Things You Didn't Know About Park Yoo-Na of 'True Beauty'
True Beauty cast members

Although “True Beauty” is still airing, supporters of the show are honestly wishing that her character would not turn into an antagonist. By the looks of it, the viewers are already predicting that due to Sujin Kang’s (Park YooNa’s character) jealousy and hidden attraction towards the male lead – Suho (played by Cha Eun Woo), she might become our leading lady’s soon to be nemesis.


Thanks to the popularity of the drama “True Beauty”, Park YooNa has been active again in social media. She has almost 2 million Instagram subscribers, and goes with the handle youna_1997. Here you can see her posting behind the scene photos of the drama, her magazine pictorials, other projects and tons of beautiful selfies.  

Things You Didn't Know About Park Yoo-Na of 'True Beauty'

Are you surprised by these facts? Who knew that besides that goddess-like charm and beauty, she also can sing and dance phenomenally? She really hit jackpot, does she not? At a young age, she has the acting caliber, dancing machine, singing voice and the face to back it all up. To our, new “it” girl, Park YooNa, we are cheering on you!