Things you Didn’t Know About Monsta X

I HAD no idea who Monsta X was until a year ago. I stumbled across their music video “Play It Cool” with the great visionary Steve Aoki and from there I was hooked!

From a single music video, I went down the rabbit hole, but gladly so. I binged on their music videos, listened to their albums, and giggled through their witty and meaningful interview clips from different sources.

So what  makes Monsta X different from other South Korean boy bands out there? What makes them stand out? Is it their sexy, sultry style? Or their ability to portray different concepts flawlessly? Read more to find out!

Things you Didn't Know About Monsta X


Things you Didn't Know About Monsta X
Shownu of Monsta X

Born Sohn Hyun-woo on June 18, 1992 in Changdong, Donbonggu, Seoul, South Korea. He was inspired the music legend Rain to pursue a career in music. For that, he auditioned and landed a trainee spot at the JYP Entertainment. He trained for about two years with the label, with artists from the group GOT7.

During his trainee days, he was dubbed as the “Second Rain” due to his exceptional dancing and singing skills. He appeared as a backup dancer in several music videos such as “Bad Girls” and “Going Crazy” of the artist Lee Hyori. As an artist, he dreams of collaborating with Soyou.


Things you Didn't Know About Monsta X
Minhyuk of Monsta X

Minhyuk was born Lee Min-hyuk on November 3, 1993 in Gwangju, South Korea to a mother who was a former volleyball player, from which he said he took after her height. He also has a younger brother. He joined the television show No Mercy and was initially thought by the viewers to not make it up to the final line up of the boy group the show is forming.

Eventually, he proved them all wrong, as Minhyuk was the final member that was announced to join the lineup for debut. He proved his worth further as they became famous,  his members even considering him as the soul of the group or the one who makes the mood in the group.


Things you Didn't Know About Monsta X
Kihyun of Monsta X

Yoo Ki Hyun was born on November 22, 1993 in Goyang, South Korea, the third trainee announced as a member of the group Monsta X.  Among the group members, he is considered to be the best vocalist in the band. In fact, when he appeared on the show “Masked Singer”, the fans and audience immediately recognized that it was him, based only on his voice.

His overall musical talent encompasses not just singing. He also enjoys composing and writing lyrics to songs. In fact, he had a hands on contribution in writing some of the band’s songs.


Things you Didn't Know About Monsta X
Hyungwon of Monsta X

Born as Chae Hyung Won on January 15, 1994 in Gwangju, South Korea, Hyung won was the 4th trainee to be confirmed as a member of the group Monsta X. But prior to being an idol, he already has a flourishing career as a model and had a lot of fashion show experience and endorsement under his belt.

But he is more than just a pretty face, as he was already training in the art of dancing when he was still in his hometown. Before moving to Seoul at a young age of nineteen, he worked for his parents’ travel agency company, which influenced his love and passion for travelling.



Things you Didn't Know About Monsta X
Joohoney of Monsta X

Born as Lee Ho-joon on October 6,1994 in Seoul, he did his growing up in Daegu. He later changed his name to Lee Joo-heon and goes with the stage name Joohoney. He is in fact the first trainee to be confirmed as a member of the group. Considered as the best rapper among the trainees, he already collaborated with different artists before he even debuted.

One collaboration was with Madclown. Apart from collaboration, he also actively contributes to lyric writing and production of songs. Not only that, he is involved actively in designing the cover for their album and concepts for their music video.


Things you Didn't Know About Monsta X
I.M. of Monsta X

Born as Im Chang Kyun on January 26, 1996 in Gwangju, South Korea, he goes with the stage name I.M. Due to his father’s job, now a professor at Life Science Department in Pohang Science and Technology University,  he spent his childhood years living abroad. First in the United States, for three years then in Israel for four years.  

For this, he became fluent in speaking in English. Although he initially dreamed to be a scientist, just like his father, he developed his passion in his music career, specifically in writing songs. Apart from writing and singing, he loves travelling as well, and his favorite place to go to is in Osaka, Japan.

This super talented group recently released their third studio album Fatal Love in November 2, with the lead single “Love Killa”. They are also set to release their eight Japanese single album and a new Japanese single. So got to go my friends, will start listening to their album for the nth time this month!