Things You Didn’t Know About Maine Mendoza

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Five years ago, the AlDub love team was born. The popularity of this duo, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, had taken the world by storm! The hashtag #aldub has been trending across all social media platforms. They have billboards all over EDSA and tons of commercials in TV and print ads.

The success of the love team was mainly attributed to Maine Mendoza, who played the character Yaya Dub in Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye series. Her witty antics and funny reactions caught on camera has catapulted her to meteoric fame.

In lieu of our favorite Maine Mendoza’s 5th showbiz anniversary, we have compiled some things you may not know about her. Read on and be surprised!

Things You Didn't Know About Maine Mendoza
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza 

1. She admitted that she is a germaphobe. She has wet wipes and hand sanitizer on her at all times. Prior to going to bed, she makes sure that she washes off the dirt from the day by showering! If not, she makes sure she uses wet wipes.

2. She has a collection of body scrubs and dry shampoos from different brands, types, and scents! She just likes looking at them well-stacked! Although, she admitted that she uses dry shampoos sometimes, specifically when she doesn’t have enough time to wash her hair.

3. Our girl loves skincare products! She splurges on toners, moisturizers, eye creams, masks, you name it! She sees it as an investment, being in the entertainment industry. No wonder she has healthy-looking skin!

Things You Didn't Know About Maine Mendoza
Maine Menoza in New York (courtesy of Instagram: mainedcm)

4. Regardless of her popularity and superstardom, she says that she is the easiest in terms of gift-giving! Anything you give her on Christmas, birthdays, or any form of celebration, she appreciates it. Her gift of choice, would you believe it, are cotton pads, tissue boxes, cotton buds, foot socks, and even house slippers!

5. In college she was obsessed with manicures and pedicures. Therefore, she dreamt of having her own nail salon. She still admits that in the future, she still wants to have a nail salon business venture.

6. She is not your traditional touristy person. Unlike other people, Main admits that she would rather stay in hotels to sleep and eat even if she is travelling as a tourist abroad. So remember, she is the last person you would want to invite on a holiday abroad!

7. She is very forgetful. She constantly loses her thoughts, even in the middle of speaking! Good thing she is so adorable!

8. Eating any raw food is not her thing. May it be sushi, sashimi, or any raw seafood, it is a no definitely no for Maine. In short, she is not a seafood fan.

9. She can’t eat if the food is not hot. She wants her food piping hot, to the point that it burns her tongue! Don’t be mistaken, it’s not being picky. It’s a gag reflex she explains.

Things You Didn't Know About Maine Mendoza
Maine Mendoza in Maldives

10. She is very thrifty when it comes to her expenses. But very generous when treating her friends and family. When shopping, she buys things for them that she thinks they will love. What a sweetie!

11. She does not like taking medicine. She explains that she doesn’t want her body to get used to such medications. Hence, as long as she can endure the pain of it, she won’t take meds.

12. She doesn’t like trying on clothes when she shops. Her reason? She’s lazy! So she tries to estimate if a certain pant or top fits her. (Teach us your secret, master!)

13. Aside from her obsessions with manicure and pedicure, she loves to indulge in massages

14. Out of all Disney films, she only ever watched two: Cinderella and Up!

15. Another revelation she made: She never watched any Harry Potter films!

Things You Didn't Know About Maine Mendoza
Maine Mendoza’s new single ‘Parang Kailan Lang’


There you have it, the 15 very interesting facts about Maine Mendoza that you may not know. Were you surprised? Which one surprised you the most?