Things You Didn’t Know About Klea Pineda

LIKE millions of people across the nation, I also watched Starstruck season 6 on GMA. Like many people, I have also rooted for Klea Pineda since the beginning.

When she was proclaimed as the ultimate female survivor, I was simply ecstatic. I know that she deserved to win. Although it has been years since she won is the reality TV competition, she continues to shine brightly proving her skills and talent in front of the camera.

For her birthday, let us look back at her career from the beginning and no why she I serve young actress has been acclaimed by numerous critics nationwide. Here are the things you don’t know about Klea Pineda.

Things You Didn't Know About Klea Pineda
Klea Pineda


Klea Pineda was born on March 19, 1999 in Caloocan City, Philippines. She is the eldest among three siblings, she has two younger sisters. Klea currently stands at 5’9’’, not the average height for a pure Filipina woman. Her hobbies includes trekking in surfing. She also knows how to play the ukulele. Klea admits that she is such an outdoorsy person who prefers the sun, sand and the sea.

When not hanging out on various beautiful beaches, Klea fuels her passion for adventure. She fell in love with car racing and is currently a fan of great motorcycles.  


Klea started her road to show business and entertainment when she joined the long running reality talent show competition starstruck in GMA network in 2015. Out of 35 participants, Klea was are claim as the Ultimate Female Survivor in Starstruck 6 when she was 16 years old. The ultimate male survivor was Migo Adecer.  

Things You Didn't Know About Klea Pineda
Klea Pineda as Muyak in Encantadia

In 2016, she landed the role of Lira or Milagros in the popular television series Encantadia. This version of Encantadia was the remake of the original it stars Marian Rivera, Ding Dong Dantes, Glaiza De Castro, Kylie Padilla, Gabbi Garcia, and Sanya Lopez.


Her role in Encantadia allowed her to be noticed by numerous casting agents which landed her various projects with the network. She got the supporting role of Candy Buenaventura in the television drama crime series Ika-5 Utos in 2018. She acted alongside veteran actors such as Jean Garcia, Valerie Concepcion and Gelli De Belen.

Things You Didn't Know About Klea Pineda
‘Magkaagaw’ cast members Jeric Gonzales, Sheryl Cruz, Sunshine Dizon and Klea Pineda

In 2019 she was casted as one of the main cast of the television drama series Magkaagaw, opposite Sheryl Cruz, Sunshine Dizon and Jeric Gonzalez. Klea played the role of Clarisse Santos Almonte. This series shows her acting capabilities as a highly competent actress as she plays the opponent of the veteran Sheryl Cruz in the drama.


Things You Didn't Know About Klea Pineda
Klea Pineda

Her love for motorcycles and bikes enabled her to be gifted with her own covetable Harley Davidson bike.

She is a fan of Formula One, particularly Ferrari. This was an influence from her father who also is a huge fan.

Her favorite Filipino food is sinigang na baka, or anything that is sour.

She’d rather have flat shoes and heels. She only wears heels when she needed to – particularly during work.

Klea is a huge fan of Spider Man, ever since she was a young kid. Her room is filled with Spider Man frames and other merchandise which she avidly collects.

She is a self-confessed coffee addict, and says that coffee is life! According to her drinking coffee makes her alert and gives her positive vibes feeling.

She dreams of becoming a pilot in the future. According to Klea, she wants to prove that being a pilot is not only a man’s profession but for women too. She also said that it is actually empowering.

Klea when not working spends for days in firing ranges firing guns. It’s her way of relieving her stress.


Things You Didn't Know About Klea Pineda
Klea Pineda

Klea currently works in the television series Magkaagaw which started in 2019. Her role in this drama has been a claim by numerous viewers nationwide saying that she perfectly portrays the feeling off a wife cheated on by the husband. You can watch this series in GMA Network currently on its 144th episode.

Apart from working on television series, Klea recently started her own Youtube channel which has almost ten thousand views.

Are you also a fan of the show Magkaagaw? What do you think of her acting? Let me know in the comments below!