Things you Didn’t know about Kim Seon Ho of ‘Start Up’

IF YOU ARE like me, you would have been rooting for Han Ji Pyeong. I’m talking about the hot, smart and adorable venture capitalist in the equally popular drama “Start Up”.

Tell me, honestly, who wouldn’t be? With his impressive acting, adorable character and puppy attitude towards Bae Suzy, the lead actress who plays Seo Dal Mi, he has everybody enchanted with his character.

After several research and hours of Youtube watching, Kim Seon Ho is just adorable in real life, perhaps more than the knight in shining armor role he plays in the series. Read on for more interesting facts about our current ship!

Things you Didn't know about Kim Seon Ho of 'Start Up'


Kim Seon Ho was born on May 8, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea. Being an only child, he was raised with so much love and attention. In fact, his father used to dress as Santa Claus during Christmas for him. He caught him dressing up as Santa when he was in his second grade.

He started his love for drama and acting not on his own volition. But he used to tag along with his friends going to auditions and acting school, this was how his interest grew. He continued his love for the craft and got his degree at the Department of Broadcasting from the Seoul Institute of The Arts.


Prior to being known in the silver screen, Kim Seon Ho started his career in theater productions. His first acting role in theater was with the play “New Boeing Boeing” in 2009. This was followed almost every year with roles in the plays “Rooftop Cat”, “Sherlock”, “New Boeing Boeing”, and “Things That I Couldn’t Say for 7 Years”.

Things you Didn't know about Kim Seon Ho of 'Start Up'
Kim Seon Ho talking about his theater days at 2Days, 1 Night Season 4

2015 and 2016 was his busiest years in theaters when he participated in 5 and 4 plays, sequentially. These plays are “Rules of Dating”, “True West”, “Rooftop Cat”, “Hoy! Style Magazine Show” and, “Kiss For The Spider Woman” for 2015. For 2016, he did “Almost, Maine”, “True West Returns”, “Closer” and, “Voice of the Millennium”.


Although he has impressive works in theaters, he is equally active in various television projects. His debut in television was with the series “Good Manager” in 2017, where he played the role of Sun Sang-tae. He then appeared in the series “Strongest Deliveryman” in the same year, playing the role Oh Jin Kyu.

Things you Didn't know about Kim Seon Ho of 'Start Up'
Kim Seon-Ho

His appearances in various television series continued throughout the succeeding years. He
appeared in “You Drive Me Crazy”, “Your House Helper”, “100 Days My Prince”, “Feel Good to Die”, “Welcome to Waikiki 2”, “Catch The Ghost” and, “Find Me in Your Memory”.


Things you Didn't know about Kim Seon Ho of 'Start Up'
Start Up cast members

He is currently in the popular series “Start Up” with Bae Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk and, Kang Han Na. The series is about the dreams of a woman who ais to be the next Steve Jobs in South Korea. He plays the role of  Han Ji-pyeong, the leader of the SH Venture Capital and has the nickname of the “Gordon Ramsay of investments”. 

His witty and candid character caught the attention of many viewers, rooting for him. His role in “Start Up” stirred the attention of fans from all over the world, catching their attention and making them interested in his past works, on their toes for his future projects. Team Good Boy ftw!

Things you Didn't know about Kim Seon Ho of 'Start Up'
Kim Seon-Ho in ‘Start-Up’

As for theatre, he is set to appear in 2021 in the play “Ice”.

You still can catch up with him and the series in Netflix. Currently, there are ten episodes uploaded, which means you have enough, perhaps more than enough, time to catch up before the grand finale – episode sixteen! What are you waiting for? Start watching!