Things You Didn’t Know About Kai from EXO

I WILL admit, I was late in the game when it comes to stanning EXO. But, in all fairness, they are the first Korean boy group that I stan. Why? Well perhaps because of the members. I love Chanyeol. I love Baekhyun. And of course, Kai.

Who couldn’t love Kai? He is so charming, dances really well, good with kids (have you seen his Superman Episode with Eden and Aciel?), great vocals and sizzling stage presence. Have you watched his performance of “Love Shot”. Not yet? Well just watch it and you can thank me later.

Recently, he released his solo debut album, a fine accomplishment and a new direction for such a wonderful and talented entertainer. Although he is not the first EXO member to launch a solo album, he sure is the one who would do greatly in his mini album. Let’s look back and see his journey prior to becoming a solo artist.

Things You Didn't Know About Kai from EXO


Kim Jong-in or Kai, was born on January 14, 1994 in Suncheon, South Korea. He is the youngest of three siblings, preceded by two older sisters. His passion for dancing was already eminent when he was a child. He took up ballet when he was inspired by The Nutcracker and shifted eventually to jazz dance.

He studied at the School of Performing Arts Seoul and graduated in 2012. This is the same prestigious school that produce other idols such as Hyeri from Girl’s Day and Jisoo from BLACKPINK.


After the encouragement of his father, he joined and won the SM Youth Best Contest when he was just thirteen years old. After signing with SM Entertainment, he began training hip hop dance. Eventually, he became the first EXO member to be launched in 2011, though he made his official debut in 2012.

During his early years, he participated in numerous endeavors. In the same year that he debuted, he was in the Younique Unit with other labelmates such as Henry Lau, Lee Tae Min and Kim Hyoyeon for a single called “Maxstep”. This was part of the collaboration between their label, SM Entertainment and vehicle manufacturing giant Hyundai.


Apart from his excellent dancing and singing skills, he is also the all around performer. He began dabbling with acting projects when he starred at the popular web drama “Choco Bank” in 2016. This was followed, still in the same year, by the mini-series “7 First Kisses”, which was produced by Lotte Duty Free.

His other projects include “Andante” where he played a high school student, “Sprine Has Come” where he made history by being the first non-Japanese actor casted in a drama produced by broadcasting station Wowow. In 2018, he was casted to play agod figure – Ato, in the drama “The Miracle We Met”


Things You Didn't Know About Kai from EXO

In the summer of 2020, SM Entertainment, Kai’s label had announced that they are working on Kai’s first solo album. This mini-album, titled “Kai” was released in November 30, with the lead single “Mmmh”.

He was also active in 2020 when he became the first ever male face of the world renown cosmetics Bobbi Brown. He also appeared in the collaboration between Hyundai and SM Entertainment – “TUCSON Beyond Drive”. Currently, he is also the brand ambassador for the luxury brand Gucci.

Well, what else can’t our Kai do? He practically is good in everything. Although he is yet to celebrate his tenth year in the entertainment industry in another two years, what he had accomplished so far is already commendable. Let’s show our support to Kai and stream his songs on repeat!