Things You Didn’t Know About Jennie of BLACKPINK

JENNIE KIM, or known by the nickname, Jennie is one of the members of BLACKPINK. One of the group’s main rapper, she can rap really well while still maintaining her swag. Aside from rapping, she also is known for her deep and rich voice that blends well with the group’s image.

Known popularly as the “Human Channel”, Jennie has graced the cover of numerous magazine front page and print advertisements. She has been making a name for herself in fashion, particularly for her sense of style.

Interested to know more about this cutie? Here are some of the things you may not know about Jennie.

Things You Didn't Know About Jennie of BLACKPINK
Jennie of Blackpink

1.   She used to live abroad. When she was a pre-teen she lived in New Zealand with her home stay family. It all started when she was on a family trip, visiting Australia and New Zealand. Her mom asked her if she wanted to stay abroad, she said that she is okay with the idea. That’s how she learned English so fast.

2.   Her favorite colors are actually Black and Pink. No joke!

3.   Her hidden talent, according to her, is speaking in baby voice! She demonstrated this talent on an appearance in the show Weekly Idol, to the delights of the hosts!

4.   She considers Rihanna one of her main models in the music industry. She also looks up to iconic artists such as TLC and Lauryn Hill, whose works and songs she studied devotedly to improve her rapping skills.

5.   Among her friends outside BlackPink are equally talented Kpop idols too! She is reportedly close with Naeun (Twice), Irene (Red Velvet), Yerin (Gfriend), and Lime (Hello Venus).

6.   She confessed that she loves BlackPink songs. But her favorite song among all their badass songs is DDU-DU DDU-DU.

7.   She loves animals and is a total softee for them! In an interview she said she favored chincillas and capybara, both are considered to be rodents.

8.   She has two pet dogs. One is a Cocker Spaniel named Kai (whom she named after Kai from EXO). The other dog is Kuma which means bear in Japanese.

9.   In an interview with Elle Indonesia, she said she got her fashion sense from her mom, who owns vintage Channel items.

10.   She is also known as “Mandu” because of her cute cheeks!

11.   Another nickname fellow artists calls her is “YG Princess”.

12.   She is among the trainees who trained the longest! She was a trainee for more than five years! To be exact, she trained for five years and eleven months before her debut. This makes her the first member of BlackPink to be publicly revealed!

13.   During her pre debut days, she had a temporary tattoo on her right wrist that says “stay strong”.

14.   She is the fastest Korean soloist to reach one million, two million and three million likes on Youtube for a music video.

15.   She’s the third female soloist to reach a million unique listeners in Mellon in just twenty four hours. She shares this record with legends IU and Hayes.

16.   She is considered to be a fashion icon! She made wearing spaced out hair pins a hair trend!

17.   She is the first Korean to be on the cover of all six of Korea’s top fashion magazines! These magazines are Harper’s Bazaar, W, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Vogue Korea and Marie Claire.

18.   Her influence on the fashion industry is magnanimous. Every time she wears an item, that item becomes immediately sold out!

19.   Jenny’s ideal man is someone who is sexy and hardworking!

20.   She has always ranked among the most beautiful stars list such as The Most Beautiful Faces List.

21.   If not working, she prefers to use her time honing her talents in photography and listening to music.

22.   She also loves to play with slime! One time, she played slime for over two hours!

23.   She has a secret Instagram account! Although it is not so secret since she has more than a million followers, she uses this account to display her photographic skills.

Things You Didn't Know About Jennie of BLACKPINK
Blackpink Jennie from the ‘Ice Cream’ MV

24.    Aladdin, Toy Story and Tangled are her favorite Disney films. Her favorite Disney princess is Pocahontas.

25.   She loves to eat! When asked what her favorite Korean food is, she would say everything! But she wouldn’t say not to milk flavored ice cream, Mexican food and tacos!

Not only as a singer, rapper and adorable human being, fans and viewers alike are looking forward to her fashion choices and the trends she will be starting! Keep your internet fast and your fingers nimble before these items sold out!