Things You Didn’t Know About Ivana Alawi

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IVANA ALAWI is definitely one of the hottest celebrities in the Philippines right now. Who wouldn’t love this Filipina-Moroccan beauty? She’s pretty, sexy, sweet, funny and a loving daughter to her mom and sister to her siblings.

Most of her fans discovered her through sexy images of hers posted on her own social media. You can’t deny the fact that these images paved the way for her to be discovered by her current management team (although she appeared in a reality-based artista search before – did you know?).

She may be projecting a sexy image, but she’s definitely a dream girl. Her YouTube channel just reached the 9 Million mark and what is the best way to celebrate this victory? Read on and learn more about Ivana Alawi!

Things You Didn't Know About Ivana Alawi
Ivana Alawi

Early Life/Family Life

Ivana Alawi, whose full name is Mariam Sayed Sameer Marbella Al-Alawi is the daughter of Fatima Marbella, a Filipina and Samier Al-Alawi, a Moroccan. She was born and raised in Bahrain with her other siblings. Ivana is the third child among four siblings. She has two other sisters, Amira and the youngest one being Mona Louise Rey. Her only brother is  Hashim, who regularly appears in her vlogs as well.

She was raised like a princess, in a lavish lifestyle that her father provided for their family. Although she had a picture perfect life, their family experienced some problems that led to the separation of her parents. In one of her interviews, she explained that her father initially didn’t want her to go back to the Philippines due to poverty and unsafe conditions when their mother left.

Showbiz Journey

Things You Didn't Know About Ivana Alawi
Ivana Alawi

Not a lot of people know, even before she became a household name, she was already appearing in some of GMA Network’s shows. Her first appearance was in an episode of the drama anthology Magpakailanman titled “Ama Namin” in January 2015. She played the role of Mary Grace, one of the children of the characters of veteran actors Christopher de Leon and Rita Avila.  

 In the same year, Ivana auditioned for the reality show StarStruck Season 6 in GMA Network. Although she wasn’t crowned the ultimate Female Survivor (it went to Klea Pineda), she was still signed by the GMA Artists Center.

From there, she appeared in small roles in the shows Juan Happy Love Story and Once Again. Her first project with ABS-CBN was on the Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Araw Gabi where she played the role of Rina. She then appeared in the long running primetime series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano as Amor or Madonna.

She also did several projects on the big screen. Her first film, and considered as her film debut, was the movie Open, a romance drama directed by the legendary Andoy Ranay where she played the role of Monique. She received her first acting recognition as the Best New Female Personality in the film 3pol Trobol: Huli Ka Balbon! (where she played the role Stacey Jimenez) from the 33rd PMPC Star Awards for Television

Embracing the Sexy Route

Things You Didn't Know About Ivana Alawi

She posts attention grabbing photos in her Instagram account (@ivanaalawi) which has almost 6 million followers. Most of the photos, she admitted, were taken by her sister Mona.  

Although she is known for her sexy posts and character, she admits that she knows her limits and when to stop. Actually, when she was a teenager, she was super insecure with her body – never wearing shorts or sleeveless. Talking to her mother about her big butt, which she used to hate, she was convinced to love her body, to embrace the realness of it. From then, she stayed true to herself.

 When asked what she feels about how men (and women alike) desires her, she coyly admitted that the fans are free to look at her but never touch her. Although she has been called many names by bashers,

her light and funny nature allows her to simply brush off the malicious intentions of fans going out of line.

YouTube Victory

She recently reached 9M followers in her YouTube channel. Although her channel only has 61 videos, her daily vlogs, pranks, mukbangs and day in the life are so hilarious that each video reaches millions of vies. Among her most watched video was the “A Day In My Life” which currently has 23M views and was parodied by another Youtube star, Alex Gonzaga.

Although initially, she didn’t want to start her Youtube channel. It was her sister, Mona, who convinced her to start her channel. She also admitted that Mona is the one who conceptualises, directs and even films the videos for her.

Upcoming Projects

 She finally signed an exclusive contract with ABS CBN last February 2020. Her single with ABS CBN Star Music “Sana All” was released in June 2020. She is also set to be launched as a teleserye leading lady via ‘Ligaya’.



We have seen that she is just more than a vlogger who has a 9M follower. She is an accomplished actress and a recording artist. We can truly say that her beauty outside reflects the soul and character she has inside! A rarity specially in showbusiness!