Things You Didn’t Know About Hyun Bin

Crash Landing On Your has officially become one of the highest-rated Kdramas in Korean cable television. Just like in South Korea, CLOY had garnered a lot of fans in the Philippines. With its stunning scenes, impeccable story writing and swoon-worthy leads, I don’t even wonder why.

Because of this drama, there is a lot of demand for Hyun Bin who plays Captain Ri. I know you must be surprised, relieved and ecstatic to see him regularly in the latest Smart TV commercial.

Also, last March, the clothing giant Bench posted a teaser photo in their social media accounts with the line “Your Crush, Landing Soon”. The photo has a military clothing background which implies that Hyun Bin may be their latest model/endorser.

Things You Didn't Know About Hyun Bin
Hyun Bin as Captain Ri in ‘Crash Landing on You’

Hyun Bin The KDrama King

Due to this wave of popularity, GMA network had decided to do reruns of his equally famous drama Secret Garden which airs every afternoon. This drama showcased his acting chops and versatility as he played the cocky CEO Kim Joo-won beside Ha ji Won who plays the talented stunt actress Gil Ra Im.

We have all seen the drama or watched some of the clips. Undoubtedly, he is one great actor whose eyes can even talk (you know what I mean). But apart from being a multi-awarded actor, he wears many hats as well. Here are some of the amazing fun facts you may not know about Hyun Bin.

Things You Didn't Know About Hyun Bin
Hyun Bin

1. Hyun Bin Is Very Thrifty

Unlike other celebrities who splurge on luxurious items, he focuses on slowly building his assets. Being the goal-oriented individual that he is, he slowly built a whopping 35 Billion Won in savings – equivalent to 1.5 Billion pesos. His frugal nature and this massive fortune, which he accumulated in 17 years, had been recognized on the 50th Savings Day, and earned him an award from the President.

2. He Is Very Compassionate

He continuously does a lot of volunteer work, donates to various charities, and recently joined a campaign against animal cruelty. One of his campaigns involved releasing photos with a retired rescue dog named Vision. Together with Hyun Bin and Vision’s photos, he released a statement wishing for search and rescue dogs to live in a better environment.

3. You Can Find Him On Spotify

It is already well known that he is such a terrific actor. But did you know you can also find him on Spotify? Although, he only has one song called “The Man”. This is the same song that was used in the OST of one of his highest-rated dramas with Ha Ji Won – Meteor Garden.

Things You Didn't Know About Hyun Bin
Hyun Bin

4. Vast Entertainment Is His Agency

He established Vast Entertainment in January 2016. It is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kakao M. However, this agency still remains as his management company. In fact, one of his movies, Rampant, was co-produced by Vast Entertainment.

5. Only A Villain Once

Although he has been acting for decades, he only starred as a villain once in the action crime thriller The Negotiation. For the first time in his career, he played the antagonist in the form of Min Tae-hu, an arms dealer who kidnapped Koreans in Bangkok, Thailand. One of the officers was Ha Chae-yoon’s boss (played by Son Ye-Jin)

6. Marriage Is His Final Goal

Yes, you read it right! Hyun Bin and other bachelors like Goong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook are seemingly eternal bachelors. Although nearing 40s, they still haven’t settled down. But in an interview, Hyun Bin’s final goal is to be married and have a family.


Interesting right? Behind the many roles that he plays so amazingly, is an outstanding example of a model human being – compassionate, down to earth and definitely worthy of our admiration.