Things You Didn’t Know About Hwang In Yeop of ‘True Beauty’

I HAVE been seeing a lot of memes on social media platforms that juxtapose photos of one of the original Korean drama oppa, Lee Joon-gi and the iconic singer, dancer, actress IU and end it with a photo of a smiling Hwang In Yeop as their “baby”.

Yes, the looks of Hwang In Yeop is being compared as the combination of two jaw-dropping  actors. That is how good looking people find him to be, particularly in his current role in the drama “True Beauty”.

But beyond the too-good-to-be-true visuals, is a great personality waiting to be discovered. Squeal with me, as we come together and know more about our new oppa, Hwang In Yeop.

Things You Didn't Know About Hwang In Yeop of 'True Beauty'
Hwang In Yeop


Hwang In Yeop was born in Seoul, South Korea on January 19, 1991. He studied his secondary education at the Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School (PNJKIS) and even was hailed as the Mr. Intrams in 2008.

He got his university degree (Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Fashion Design in 2012 from the Fine Arts and Design Student Organization (Fadso) of Philippine Women’s College of Davao. He was known by his English name “Ryan” throughout his foreign education. Check the confirmation here.


Things You Didn't Know About Hwang In Yeop of 'True Beauty'
Hwang In Yeop

With his impossibly good looks and towering height, he should be a model right? Well, he is! Just like most of Korean actors, In Yeop entered the industry as a fashion model first, several years before he tried out his luck in acting.  It was said that he was under contract with YG Plus, a modeling management agency which is a subsidiary of YG Entertainment.



A year after he started modeling, he had his acting debut in the popular webdrama “Why” in 2018 where he played the character of Gi Jae-yeong. It is a romantic comedy drama about a girl who was dumped by her boyfriend on their supposedly 100 Day anniversary.

After that series, he was again signed in 2019 to play the role of Seo Kyo-won in the online drama “Freshman”. The story revolves around the struggles of university students to be a part of the social circle in their new university.


Things You Didn't Know About Hwang In Yeop of 'True Beauty'
Hwang In Yeop in ‘The Tale of Nokdu’

He began to attract many fans and admirers when he was casted as a part of the gender bender drama “The Tale of Nokdu” in 2019, playing the bodyguard, swordsman, and assassin Park Dan Ho. Since the show was aired in KBS, it was his first mainstream drama and led him to receive further recognitions for his performance.

In the early part of 2020, he played the role of Goo Ja Sung in the popular JTBC drama “18 Again”. Although he played the role of a bully basketball captain, his performance was so convincing that he began stirring the interests of the masses.


He is becoming quite active on social media, particularly on Instagram due to his current projects. He goes by the handle hi_high_hiy, where he posts behind the scenes photos of his dramas, magazine shoots and even photos from his private and personal life. Currently, he is close to reaching 4 million followers! 


In Yeop is currently appearing in the “True Beauty” drama as Han Seo Jun, a funny, filial character that portrays a bad boy image among his peers in high school. This drama was based on the super popular web toon comic of the same name.

Things You Didn't Know About Hwang In Yeop of 'True Beauty'
True Beauty

He is also set to appear in the Netflix drama “Annarasumanara” playing the role of Na Il Deung this 2021.

For those of you, who has been enthralled by In Yeop, we shall not worry, my friends! He had already completed his mandatory military service in South Korea, so rest assured that we will not be missing him in the near future!