Things You Didn’t Know About Erich Gonzales

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ERICH GONZALES has been in the show business for more than half of her life. Starting her career in the second season of reality-based artista search Star Circle Quest 2 and emerging as its big winner, she climbed her way up to be among the most respected young actor, endorser and model in the industry.

Now that she is celebrating her 30th birthday this coming September 20, it is time to look back on her milestones throughout her 16 years in show business. Here are some things you may not know about Erich Gonzales.

Things You Didn't Know About Erich Gonzales
Erich Gonzales

1. She started her showbusiness journey with the Star Circle Quest, auditioning when she was only fourteen years old. She eventually emerged as the Grand Questor from the competition in 2005.

2. Erika Chryselle Gonzales Gancayco is her full name. But for her screen name, she adapted her mother’s maiden name, making her Erich Gonzales.

3. She originally hailed from Davao City.

4. Since she was so young when she entered showbusiness. She finished her high school education at the ABS-CBN Distance Learning Center.

5. She attended Trinity University of Asia where she studied Mass Communication.

6.  She doesn’t like eating pork. But pork in processed forms such as hotdogs and bacons, she can eat.

7.  She is proud of her hair. Given her thin but straight hair, she uses several products to achieve thicker hair.

8.  According to her best friend, Enchong Dee, she is most comfortable when speaking in Taglish. Her craziest Taglish sentence is “It’s sarap!”

Things You Didn't Know About Erich Gonzales 

9.     Her favorite angle to show in pictorials is her left side.

10.  She is best friends with Enchong Dee. She said Enchong uses her bed and eats her food every time they are assigned together in a dressing room.

11.  She is a certified “masa”, meaning masandal-tulog. She falls asleep easily, anywhere too!

12.  She eats a lot! She is a self-confessed foodie, favoring sweet food, food with sauces and of course, extra rice.

13.  She can cook and bake. You can see some of her cooking vlogs in her YouTube channel.

14.  Among the skill she doesn’t know, is swimming. She admitted that she almost drowned in the sea when she was a kid.

15.  She collaborated with  Marco Maurer’s single  “Won’t Let You Go”. You can also see her in the music video of the said song.

16.  She used to own a restaurant – The Breakfast Club in Quezon City. Her restaurant also sold various types of bread baked in house.

17.  Among her many business endeavors included build and sell and property investments.

18.  Her biggest break as an actress was when she played the leading role “Nene” in Katorse. She worked with Enchong Dee, Ejay Falcon and Xian Lim in this series.

19.  She loves karaoke! Her go to karaoke song is “Wind Beneath My Wings” because she loves the message behind the song. Her other go to songs are “I’m Yours”, “Lucky” and “A Whole New World”.

20.  She is a certified Korean drama fan! Among her favorites are: Mr Sunshine, Crash Landin On You, Descendants of The Sun, The Heirs, Goblin, Legend Of The Blue Sea, Encounter, My Love From The Star.

21.  Highly relatable, Erich also has her favorite Korean Oppas: Park Bo Gum, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Min Ho, Hyun Bin Kim Soo Hyun. All of which starred in her favorite dramas.

22.  Among the many places she had been, she dreams of visiting Switzerland due to the Korean drama Crash Landing On You.

Things You Didn't Know About Erich Gonzales
Erich Gonzales sizzles in El Nido

23.  She is a self-confessed ambivert – a balance of both introvert and extrovert.

24.  Asked about how she handles money, she said she saves 50% of her income since she started working when she was fourteen years old. She also advised never to borrow on credit. If you do, she advises that pay it before the due date to avoid interests.

25.  Although she can buy practically anything she wants, she makes sure to buy her needs and not her wants. She stresses the importance of not to be flamboyant.

26.  She is a certified minimalist, not only on her things, but also in her mind. She said that decluttering your space and your mind helps a lot in maintaining your peace in life.

Things You Didn't Know About Erich Gonzales
Erich Gonzales House Tour

To our home girl, Erich, may you continue inspiring your fans with your simplicity and positive outlook in life! We wish you happiness and more projects!