Things You Didn’t Know About BLACKPINK’s Lisa

If you haven’t heard of BlackPink, you are probably living under a rock. They made history in 2019 as the first ever Korean girl group to perform at the world famous music festival – Coachella.

Among the members that captured the heart of many viewers was the “Ponytail Girl” who wowed the audience with her smooth and bad ass rapping WHILE impressing us with the impeccably coordinated dance moves. Who is she? No other than Lisa!

After that unforgettable performance, Lisa has been a common name even in international music. Followed by her infamous mushroom chocolate dance moves, Lisa is a star in his own right.

Things You Didn't Know About BLACKPINK's Lisa
Blackpink Lisa at the 2019 Coachella

She again piqued the interest of the international fans when the new song collaboration “Ice Cream” was released this week. People have been asking who is this bad ass rapper that is taking the world with her sophisticated looks. So I have compiled some of the things you may not know about BlackPink’s lead rapper, head turner extraordinaire, Lisa.



1. She was born in Thailand on March 27, 1997.

2. Her original name was Pranpriya Manobal. But it was later changed to Lalisa at the advice of a fortune teller.

3. Her name Lalisa means “one who is praised”.

4. Her last name is actually Manobal and not Manoban. But Thais pronounce “l” as “n”, so it is pronounced as Manoban but spelled as Manobal.  

5. Her dream job when she was a child was to become a flight attendant. A dance teacher and a photographer were some of the options.

6. Her mother encouraged her to attend dance lessons. That may have contributed to her being the main dancer of BlackPink.

7. Her father, Marco Bruschweiler, a Swiss MasterChef who gets invited to culinary conventions over the world.

8. Had she led an ordinary life, she would have gone to Australia to pursue her studies.

9. Lisa auditioned for YG Entertainment back in 2010 in Thailand where she was the only one accepted. Over 4,000 people auditioned and she is the only one who got in.

10. She didn’t speak any Korean prior to moving to Korea. Because of this, she had to study hard to learn the language. She credits her group mates for teaching her and being patient with her. This enabled her to learn Korean quickly.

11. She speaks fluent English, Thai and Korean. She can speak basic Japanese and Chinese.

12. She trained for YG over 5 years. She was only fourteen years old when she started her training. Every time they get graded, she always gets A.

13. It was during her trainee days that she started rapping.

14. She debuted as a member of BlackPink when she was 19.

15. She is YG Entertainment’s first non-Korean artist.

16. Although they have been performing all over the world for years, she admits that she still gets nervous. To comfort herself, she tells herself these words “It’s okay, I can do this, I can do it perfectly”.

17. Her favorite food is tempura. But she wouldn’t say no to sushi, gamjatang, Pad Ka Pow, French fries, milk tea ice cream and fried chicken, especially if it is eaten with other members of her group.

18. As for her favorite cake, she really loves eating Red Velvet cakes.

19. Among her favorites are Rapunzel (Disney princess), “Little Prince” (book), “About Time” (movie).

20. She said that among her members, she is closest with Rose because of their age. This means they understand each other quite well.

21. If she were a boy, she said she would definitely date Jennie. Her reason? She is hot!

22. She maintains close friendship with other Thai celebrities as well. She is part of a group chat that only Thai idols have access to. The members of this group chat are CLC’s Sorn, (G)idle’s Minnie, GOT7’s BamBam, NCT’s Ten and 2PM’s Nickhun.

23. In fact, she has been close friends with GOT7’s Bambam. They have known each other since they were 9 years old.

24. On her down time, she loves watching animes. She also enjoys watching Disney animations and other American films, particularly action.

25.  Her favorite Avenger is Thor, the God of Thunder.

Things You Didn't Know About BLACKPINK's Lisa
BLACKPINK Lisa from the Ice Cream MV

Whew, so many interesting things about Lisa! Her drive to pursue her passion is truly admirable! Imagine moving into a different country when you are a teenager, alone, just so you could hone your craft better! We only look forward to good things from her and can’t wait to see her career unfold.