Things You Didn’t Know About BLACKPINK’s 2020 Comeback

BLACPINK in your area! (Finally, again!)

After patiently waiting for one and a half year, Blackpink is set to have their 2020 comeback. Following more than a year in hiatus, the iconic South Korean girl group had finally given their fans what they’ve been wanting for the longest time.

The girl group which has debuted in 2016 with YG Entertainment, one of South Korea’s top three Kpop label. They are the first girl group launched after the iconic 2NE1. They share the same agency as other chart -topping artists like Bigbang, iKon, Psy and CL.

Things You Didn't Know About BLACKPINK's 2020 Comeback

Although they only have less than ten original songs to their name, Blackpink has been the highest-charting female Korean act ever according to Billboard. Their influence in the music industry is so great that they made history by being the first ever Kpop girl group to appear in Billboard’s cover. Their music video “DDU DU DDU DU” had reached over a billion views in Youtube since it was released two years ago. Their other videos “Kill This Love” and “Boombayah” are also nearing the billion mark.

Last June 10, YG Entertainment had released the first poster (or teaser for their comeback). Nothing is known except the release date of their single.  


Things You Didn't Know About BLACKPINK's 2020 Comeback
BLACKPINK Pre-Release Single Teaser Poster

Five days later,  YG Entertainment had taken the Twitter world via storm when they tweeted four dazzling photos of the girls. Garnering more than half a million likes, and about four hundred thousand retweets, these photos showcase each of the members with the most stunningly vibrant hair color changes. Jisoo opted for a rich chocolate brown shade. Lisa has vibrant reddish hair with her signature blunt banks. Rosé has lavender or pastel blue hue and Jennie is blonde. And of course, highly noticeable are their equally gorgeous long and well-manicured nails – one of the many things they are famous for.

Things You Didn't Know About BLACKPINK's 2020 Comeback
BLACKPINK 2020 Comeback Teaser with the girls


To prepare for their much anticipated return and first album, I have compiled all the things that you should be watching out for. These are all Blackpink related comeback facts dedicated to all the Blinks (Blackpink fans) out there!

1. According to their agency, this is a three part comeback. The first part will be launched by the release of their single “How’d You Like That” from their first official untitled album this coming June 26 at 6:00PM KST.

2. The second part of their comeback is scheduled on July or August when the group is expected to release another track from their album.

3. The last part of their comeback is set on September, when the entire album is set to be released, finally.

4. This is their first full album which reportedly has more than 10 songs.

5. Each of the member will have a solo track, their agency has announced.

6. Last June 17, apart from their futuristic and admittedly jaw-droppingly colorful teaser photos, they also released a teaser poster with all the members sporting an all-black funky ensemble. Lisa was wearing a lip piercing, Jennie with a black veil, Jisoo in a windswept hair and finally Rose hands together with a futuristic looking gloves.

Prior to the news on their comeback, Blackpink has collaborated with the Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga on the song ‘Sour Candy’ for the latter’s album Chromatic. The song immediately made it on the Hot 100 list.

With all the hype going on, this news has been highly anticipated since we have been hearing less and less of the Blackpink. Apart from their history making Coachella performance, some advertisements, and their agency releasing long due videos of past performances, it seems to be that our favorite quartet is finally moving forward with their passion for music.