Talent Manager Jobs – How To Apply?

BEHIND every successful artist is a great and irreplaceable talent manager. Do you believe that? I do, definitely. In the world of, say, entertainment, great artists devote their time and skills to improving their craft. This means, most of their days, their effort, and their concentration is on focused on how to be better, to be the best in their field.

Do you wonder who does the rest? Behind the camera, lights, and all the props, a lot of work is still needed to be done. Who takes care of the logistics? The communication between talent companies? The finances? The schedule? The transportation? The events? The scouting for more projects? You get it. The talent manager.

The talent manager wears numerous hats and plays various roles. They could handle various talents from musicians, actors, performers, writers and even athletes. They work for either the client or they are working directly for the talent agencies that manages these talents.

Talent Manager Jobs - How To Apply?
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How Do Talent Managers Earn Money?

Although the compensation for talent managers vary, they usually do not receive a regular monthly or bi-monthly compensation. How do they earn, you might ask? They receive a commission from every project their talent books. So for every project, they earn between 10% (like The Kardashian Matriarch) to 25% of the talent’s fee. The commission is also dependent on the type of project, the talent’s skill or caliber.

Before you apply for a talent manager job, here are some of the things you should have or at least have experience in.

Talent Manager Jobs - How To Apply?
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1.  A Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Management is highly desirable, since you will be handling a lot of management and marketing work.

2.  You should have at least past experience with dealing or handling a talent.

3.  You have to have a good knowledge on the industry.  You should know the ins and outs of the industry – how it functions, who are the big players, how things are seriously done. Simply put, you have to know how to navigate in their world.

4.   A network is very important. You have to know people in their field, who to call specifically if you need to pull some strings. Having and building network is important specially that talents work with people from various fields.

Job Hunting

If you have experience on these things, then you can easily apply for a talent manager job. Here are some of the tips I have compiled in terms of job hunting.

1. An updated CV is very important. It summarizes all your experience and skills in one paper. So make sure that yours stand out, it is easy to read and hard to forget by the hiring people.

2. It helps to subscribe to job search websites. Websites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, Monster and SimplyHired are great choices to start with. Make an account, upload your CV and roll from there. I highly suggest that you also subscribe to specific adverts. Job adverts can easily be customized from these websites. That way you won’t miss an opportunity once a job opening pops up.

3. Go directly to talent management websites. For example, you have been searching for talent management jobs for models. Since your experience is on various models (ramp, print, commercial etc), then go directly to modelling agencies’ websites. This way, you can directly search for openings from their end. Sometimes, they don’t advertise using third party websites. You have to comb through their careers section to search for an opening.

4. Connect. Do not be afraid to reach out to agencies or companies. If you have to send them a cold email, then do it. It won’t cost you anything anyway. You will never know where your guts can take you. Be ballsy, doors would definitely open for you.

So, in your quest for finding a talent manager job, you get to hone your research and networking skills – given the above tips. Just do these tips (and perhaps more) and don’t give up. The right door will be open for those who knocks constantly.