Stella Marquez Araneta, natapilok; mga beki, nagbunyi sa ‘karma’

Stella Marquez Araneta, natapilok; mga beki, nagbunyi sa ‘karma’

Stella-Marquez-AranetaWHEN STELLA Marquez Araneta tripped while walking habang papunta siya sa parking lot matapos ang Miss Universe pageant ay maraming bekis ang nagbunyi.

To most of them, it was KARMA, all spelled out in their collective anger sa namamahala ng Bb. Pilipinas. Imbiyerna ang  sangkabekihan dahil sa pagmamaldita ni Stella when she said in one interview na Pinoy designers “were no good” to justify her hiring of Colombian fashion designer Alfredo Barraza. She event went to explain na ipinanalo ni Miriam Quiambao ang national costume nito pero hindi naman pala ito totoo. It was not Miriam who won best in national costume when she competed in the Miss Universe pageant years ago.

“Nowadays, karma is digital….kaya ang bilis.”

“Congratz! You DESERVE IT stella araneta! I wish u were wearing that CAKE gown when u tripped!”

“I told you Diyosas and Bil**chinas, eto ang isa sa mga hiniling nten during our vigil. Hahahaha magbago ka na kasi Madame!”

“Parang final destination movie! You better sleep with one eye open! Mahirap iwasan ang sumpa ng sangkabekihan!!! Hahahaha.”

‘Yan ang collective aria ng mga galit kay Stella.

But this one guy nailed it when he commented, “This is not just about blaming someone because we lost. This about finally speaking up against the fact that the people handling our country’s beauty pageants are Colombians. There are a lot of talented Filipino designers around the world. Like Francis Libiran that was featured in America’s Next top model. Like Monique Lhuillier or Michael Cinco. Instead, Stella Araneta who is a Colombian National chose to hire a Colombian designer who knows nothing about Filipino culture. She even said in a media interview that Filipino designers are not good. That angers us because she has been wearing designs of Filipino designers as well. We welcomed her and accepted her as our own. But to say that our Designers are not good enough is a great disappointment. This is an issue we have been fighting for decades. The only reason why we did not react like this before is because we respect Stella Araneta before. But this time, we will not let our country be tricked nor controlled by someone whose heart is not Filipino. This is not about winning miss universe anymore. This is about getting what we deserve and that is freedom from her clutches of lies and deceptions.”

Bravo, whoever you are!!!

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas