StarNow Audition Finder App – How To Use Successfully

StarNow is all good apps rolled into one. From an unfamiliar person’s point of view, it is a combination of Facebook and JobStreet. But the better part of it, is that it is catered specifically to allow talents and other actors and actresses to apply easily in different castings this means, they can easily search and apply for acting jobs, and at the same time interact with other casting professionals.

The market for StarNow has been steadily expanding. As it was previously catered specifically to actors and actresses, their market clientele now includes models, dancers, photographers, musicians, even stylists, and crews!

Since the app is used millions worldwide – across the United Kingdom to the United States to South Africa, landing a job became easier.

StarNow Audition Finder App - How To Use Successfully
StarNow App – Find auditions now!

StarNow Guide

If you belong to one of the many categories that StarNow caters, this article is just for you! I will help you how to set up and use the app successfully in order for you to reach your dream job. Just follow the step by step instructions below:

1.  How to download it?

The StarNow App could be downloaded on any device. You can use it from an iPhone, iPad, desktop, or Android. This fact alone – the app’s high accessibility, makes it easier to use compared to other apps.

2.  Set up an account

Of course, you can join for free. You can choose to upgrade later. To start, create a profile. Make sure to use your most flattering photo and complete your profile registration. The Key is having your profile well updated. Remember – you are selling yourself to future employers. Make it good.

3.  Searching for auditions

Just like the JobStreet App, StarNow allows you to search for castings and apply for jobs in a click of a button. Make sure to be very specific in your searches. You can click on the Matching Jobs option for Jobs that are suited to your profile. That is why you have to fill in your profile properly to get good matches.

4.  Applying for jobs

Once you get to review the Matching Jobs, try to study the details and qualifications that are needed. You can decide if you want to apply for this job or not. If you know you will have a good chance, simply click the Apply Now button.

StarNow Audition Finder App - How To Use Successfully
Find auditions through StarNow App

Now that you know how to use the StarNow App, let me finally give you some tips in order for you to get noticed. Remember that you are applying for a job against thousands of candidates. You have to make sure that your profile stands out. In order to do that, consider applying the following suggestions.

1. Have a well-curated portfolio of photos

Remember that this is a job-finding app, you have to make sure that you have the skill for the job. If you are a model, then upload the best quality images you have. If you are a photographer, then upload your award-winning shots. This way, you get to capture the attention of the employers in a sea of applicants

2.  Take your profile seriously

The Matching Jobs option is not there as a coincidence. The tab is there since it matches your profile to the thousands of jobs available. Meaning, it screens other jobs that do not play in accordance to your skills. Therefore, having a well-defines Profile allows better job matches for you, which means less time searching and more time applying.

3.  Be Aggressive

This is a platform for both aspiring employees and employers looking for talents. This means you can message them, ask them, introduce yourself. In the world of creatives, networking is everything. Build a network. It doesn’t take much time to drop prospective employees a message. Try it and be amazed at what it can do!

There you have it. Now you can easily navigate through the StarNow app, and because of the tips I gave you, you can use it to launch your job searching journey.