Sebastian Castro, ‘di naniniwala sa forever

Sebastian Castro, ‘di naniniwala sa forever

Sebastian-CastroTHERE’S NO forever. That’s what Sebastian Castro believes when it comes to love.

“I think more than promises of forever, being able to stick out to the end says so much more… why say you can be there forever when you just can’t be?” esplika niya matapos ang  screening ng Alimuom Ng Kahapon, isang indie film na pinagbibidahan nina Angelo Ilagan and DM Sevilla na gumanap bilang bisexual lovers. Si Sebastian ang third party sa dalawa.

Sa movie, hinabol-habol ni Angelo si DM, something na hindi swak sa paniniwala ni Sebastian who said, “I don’t think you really have to try that hard if it’s love. I think if it’s a loving, caring relationship that’s healthy. There’s not gonna be need to pursue each other left and right. My concept of love is honesty and transparency. But if he’s not giving that to you, you get out of there.”

Hubad kung hubad si Sebastian sa love scene nila ni DM. very liberal pala talaga itong hunk actor-model when it comes to nudity. “I don’t think the human body is something to be ashamed of. There’s nothing shameful about it,” he explained.

Kaya naman pala nag-nude siya sa first indie film niya na sa ibang bansa pa ipinalabas.

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas