Reklamo Mula Sa UAE

Reklamo Mula Sa UAE
I AM a wife of one of the OFWs who filed a petition against their employer ETA M&E Division.
My husband is complained about their situation in UAE. From their 1st month until now they experience maltreatment from their employer. They stated in their letter all the complaints they have against their employer. I called INNOVATIVE MANPOWER AGENCY last July 17 informing them about the situation of the employees they sent in UAE. After a week I received a text from my husband informing that Innovative Manpower sent a representative to ETA M&E to observe if the said complaints are true. After (2) two weeks the spy/representative went back to the country. Since then they heard nothing from the agency. It shows that the agency didn’t give any attention to their complaints.
Since they are moving now & started filing their petition, the employer learned about this. Four (4) of their co-workers were abducted & pressured to admit/confess that they are the head of the complainants/petitioners.
In connection with this, I am appealing to your office to please help the OFWs assigned in ETA M&E to get the benefits due to them & bring them back to the country safe before it becomes too late for them to come back home alive. I am requesting also to please help me filing lawsuit against Innovative Manpower Agency.
I’m looking forward to your response regarding this matter. Attached herewith are the complaint letter, sample contract, payslip and the signature paper pertaining of 126 OFWs filing this petition. — Anna

NAI-REFER KO na sa POEA ang kasong ito at naghihintay rin ako ng aksyon. Tungkol sa mga dapat idemanda, maaari n’yong ireklamo ang principal/employer at ang agency rito. “Joint and solidary” ang kanilang pananagutan. Mahalagang makaugnay n’yo rin ang iba pang manggagawa sa pagsasampa ng kaso.

LIBRENG PAYO SA OFW! I-TEXT N’YO AT SASAGUTIN KO! PM saklolaw ang inyong katanungan at i-send sa 2948 (for Globe, Smart and Sun users). E-mail:

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By Ome Candazo