Reality TV Auditions – How and Where To Apply?


JENNYLYN MERCADO, Kim Chui, James Reid, Paulo Avelino, Solenn Heussaff and Sandara Park are some of the biggest stars in the Philippines today (in Sandara’s case, worldwide!). Have you ever wondered what they have in common? How they all started until they got their big break?

These now stars have started their careers by joining reality TV shows. Jennylyn Mercado and Paulo Avelino joined StarStruck in two different batches. Jennylyn won the ‘Ultimate Female Survivor’ title at the first-ever season of the reality-based artista seach. Meanwhile, Paulo was eliminated earlier in StarStruck Batch 4.

Reality TV Auditions - How and Where To Apply?
Solenn Heussaff, Jennylyn Mercado, Sandara Park, Kim Chiu, James Reid and Paulo Avelino are all reality-based TV programs graduates

Kim Chiu was in Pinoy Big Brother, as well as James Reid. Although both won in their respective seasons, James didn’t reached the popularity that Kim achieved. His career only catapulted when he joined Viva Artists Agency.  Solenn Heussaff joined the Survivor Philippines and was taken seriously as a celebrity. Sandara Park was in Star Circle Quest which contributed to her being accepted in YG Entertainment as trainee for 2NE1.

These stars, among many other big names in the showbusiness, had built their career from reality TV. By using the exposure, and eventually garnering huge fan bases, commercials keep coming until offers to be part of other TV series and movies.

If you are an inspiring actor or actress, and would genuinely want to join reality TV, this article was written for you. Here I have compiled an overview on what you would expect in joining and surviving reality TV.


In terms of where to apply, there is no overarching website that compiles all auditions and information for reality TV casting calls. However, I have listed where you can see the postings and the relevant instructions for applications.

1. You can go directly to the network’s websites to check for postings. ABS-CBN and GMA tend to post their audition information on their websites.

2. You can also check the show’s website and look for postings from there

3. Staying tuned on the TV to wait for television plugs

4.  Subscribe to the networks’ or shows’ newsletters

5.  Website articles also often contain the audition details

6.  Networks’ or shows’ social media account often posts casting calls


As for the application process itself, the process varies. Some huge reality shows tend to do a national audition process – moving from major city to another to comb through all the possible talents. This way, watch out if they are coming to your city and prepare yourself.

Other reality shows just tend to hold their castings in their home networks itself. Therefore you could see seemingly endless lines of applicants around the network’s main offices.

So what do you need to do or bring during the application process? Here are the tried and tested tips that I have compiled for you:


1.  Portolio. This means that you should have photos of yourself. Only put the best shots in different angles (whole body, portrait, etc).

2.  Just in case they need more than photos, prepare a CV as well. List all your TV experiences. Make sure to start from the most recent to the olders.

3.  Since you, hopefully, are appearing on TV, you should put your best foot forward. Go to the audition well dressed (not overly dressed nor made up). Carry yourself with confidence and charm.

4.  Prepare for a few skits or presentations. Once your turn comes in, you may be asked to show your skills or talents.

5.  In relation to the above, play to your strength. Are you a good dancer, actor, singer? Then make sure your talent showcases this skill.

6.  Be really patient. Since the calls will be posted nationwide, there will be a lot of competitors. You may have to be in line for a long time, even hours, just to get your five minute audition with the judges. That is how it is. So pack up some positivity and patience when the casting starts.

7.  Be unforgettable. Remember that the judges will select from hundreds if not thousands of applicants. Make sure that you stand out from the others. How will you do that? Be funny, witty, smart. You may have to do tap dancing or charm a snake, but whatever you do, make sure you leave an unforgettably good impression among the judges.

There is no tried and tested way to be chosen to appear in a reality TV. If you had watched the interview of these stars, they will all say the same thing – they persevered in line, didn’t give up and continued to work hard for their dreams. Hope to see you in the silver screen someday!