Professional Singing Jobs – How To Apply?


FILIPINOS have always been known to be great singers. If you watch those popular  reaction Youtube videos, you would find many associating the Philippines as a country of great singers. Who could argue? We have a lot of national and internationally known great singers bringing pride and joy to the country.

Say for example, Lea Salonga who won both a Tony Award and an Olivier Award. Rachel Ann Go who makes us proud in her career both in Broadway and West End and Marcelito Pomoy in his dual-voice style. The examples are endless, their vocal range seem limitless.

Professional Singing Jobs - How To Apply?
Lea Salonga and Jonathan Pryce | Photo Source: Getty Images

Since singing is one of the talents Filipinos endearingly achieve for, and karaoke as one of our unofficial official past time, we have been taught or at least exposed to singing at an early age. This, and many other factors, cultivate some people’s desire to become professional singers.

But what does it take to be one? Ever wondered how these singers got their big break?

I have researched how most of our professional singers got their break, so you can too!


1. Most of them started with auditioning in casting calls

 When the producers of the Broadway giant Miss Saigon landed in Manila looking for their perfect Kim, the titular role for the world famous play, Lea Salonga together with many aspiring singers/actresses auditioned. They had key pieces prepared to be sung to see if she was a perfect match. Her landing the job opened a lot of professional singing opportunities for her here and in abroad.

2. Reality Shows

The notoriety of Filipinos in singing attracted international shows such as The Voice, Philippine Idol and X factor local spinoffs in the Philippines. With these shows and some, novice singers such as Sarah Geronimo, Rachelle Ann Go, KZ Tandingan and Eric Santos reached national and international fame, selling sold out concerts and world tours every now and then.

Professional Singing Jobs - How To Apply?

3. Talent Agencies

Although most of the singers we know and love debuted with reality shows, some singers started as talents or artists in management agencies. Their route was to sign up with agencies, undergo training and eventually have their own albums.

4. Started in a band

Some singers had their jumpstart in singing professionally with a band. Lead vocalists in a band were scouted due to various factors such as their popularity, appeal to the masses and of course their talent. Professional singers in these category are Kitchie Nadal (with her band Mojofly) and Kean Cipriano (with his band Calalilly).

Professional Singing Jobs - How To Apply?
Kean Cipriano of Calla Lily

These are some of the ways you can enter the market as a professional singer. But with these examples, what do they really have in common? Here are the tips and tricks in applying for a professional singing job.

1. Network

Build your network. It magnifies your chances of knowing the right people and having the right connections. Send music producers or agencies email introducing yourself and attach some of your best records too. It would not cost you any money, but it paves your way to the right (and open) path.

2. Social medias

Just like Lea and Sarah, watch out for auditions. Networks and show usually advertise in their programs or through social media if they are holding auditions. Subscribing to their newsletter also helps to keep you on top of their news. Remember, information is power. Use this information to prepare for your next audition properly, and hopefully land the job that you wanted!

3. Websites

Job market websites often have advertisement for all sorts of jobs, including professional singers. All you have to do is to create a profile (fill it up properly) and tweak your newsletter to receive the job you wanted. You can easily customize your job alerts, which makes it very convenient.

There you have it. These are the ways in which you can land yourself a professional singing job. Of course, these are just the little things. Remember that your effort, persistence and skills matter most. Get your laptop up and ready and prepare for your next audition!