Plus Size Modeling Jobs – How To Apply?


The world has changed for the better. Right now we are enjoying more inclusivity and representation in life-changing fields. The modeling world benefits from this changes too.

Thanks to the relentless efforts of the plus size models pioneers such as Ashley Graham, Tess HollidayDenise Bidot and Iskra Lawrence, a non 0 size body which was once considered as taboo in the modelling world is now perfectly acceptable.

Plus Size Modeling Jobs - How To Apply?
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Designers, models, activists and other creatives had pushed these changes that is breaking the norm. Equally, customers, who has the power to make or break a brand based on their consumption and expenditure choices cast their votes too. Thanks to these amazing movements, we are now seeing the plus size models in print ads, magazines, runways and commercials. 

If you are one of those who dreams of being in the limelight, but unsure on where to start, this article was written specifically for you. I will discuss how to apply for jobs and some other tips that would push you to your dream career. So read on!

Plus size modelling follows certain requirements. Since they cater to specific group, body measurements are very important. These measurements will be your ticket to job evaluations and eventually castings. Modern plus size have changed from 6 to 12 or 14 or even higher. It varies from brands but those are the range for you to considered as a plus size.

Plus Size Modeling Jobs - How To Apply?
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As for the height, and other specifics, they remain more or less about the same. Typical height requirements start at 5’9” and up. Other equally important considerations include having healthy looking hair, well-kept nails and of course impeccable or flawless skin.

Finding a plus size modeling job takes several steps. Here are the things that you should consider.

1. A good portfolio – Since you are asking brands to hire you to model their goods, you should show them that you deserve it. The best way is keeping a record of your past jobs. Make sure present your best shots to include there. You can have an actual portfolio, book printed or you can have your online portfolio. But regardless of the format, the most important is you are able to sell yourself well.

2. Have a really good agent – Most modeling agencies prefer to deal with the models’ agents. A good agent get you to more casting calls and therefore more possible booking on jobs. Aside from that, they handle all logistics involved, which makes your job easier.

3. Build good relationship with other creatives – Sure, you know other fellow models and agents and these are mainly your network. But, the modeling world revolves around a lot of creatives – photographers, stylists, editors and writers. Make use of the opportunities, strike a conversation with them, add them in your LinkedIn, invite them for coffee. You know the drill. 

4. Submit your photos to online modeling agencies – even if you already have an agent, or still looking for one, doing extra work to find other opportunities would help. It also does not take a lot of your time and money. All you have to do is to make a profile in that modeling agency website and upload your photos (still the best shots with various focus – whole body, half body, headshot etc.) Also make sure that you have your  measurements with you since they definitely will ask it from you in the form.

5. Check modeling websites regularly – If you have subscribed to their mailing lists, you news directly to your email. If not, then you have to check their websites regularly as it is where they post the casting calls. Staying updated makes you get ahead in the game!

With these tips, you can start building on your plus size modeling dreams. It takes small steps – from creating your profile, or subscribing to the mailing list but the returns are huge. When you get a casting call, or eventually a job offer, you’d finally realize that your efforts are all worth it!