How to Get a UnionBank Corporate Visa Card

Managing your business is a lot better with a reliable credit card. The UnionBank Corporate Visa Card is a super value credit card, specially designed for business owners and their employees. If you run a small business and you need a credit card for daily expenses, this card is a great contender.

The best thing about this credit card is the flexible monthly payments and lower interest. Cardholders can earn rewards points that can be redeemed for free gas, gift certificates, and more. In addition, you can also enjoy premium credit life insurance for every Php 100 outstanding balance.

There is more to this credit card than just being a reliable card for payments. Learn more about the perks associated with the UnionBank Corporate Visa Card. Read on to find out about the application process, requirements, cons, and fees.

UnionBank Corporate Visa Card Application

UnionBank Corporate Visa Card Features & Benefits

If you are after the cash rebates, the UnionBank Corporate Visa Card lets you earn more points for a minimum of Php 20 spent using the card. Additionally, this credit card also provides access to Club Manila Lounge at NAIA Terminal 1.

When it comes to fees and charges, note that you will only be charged a minimum amount for late payment and interest.

Speaking of charges, you can have a breathing space for settling balances because UnionBank allows up to 53 days of the interest-free period.

The fun doesn’t end here because the UnionBank Corporate Visa Card also allows installment payments with zero interest up to 36 months. Shop and spread the cost of appliances, gadgets, furniture, groceries, and more over time.

UnionBank Corporate Visa Card Cons

One of the weak points of the UnionBank Corporate Visa Card is the higher cash advance charge of 6 percent. For a business card, the rate should be lower than 5 percent, as cardholders may exceed the credit limit for big purchases. There are other credit cards that only charge a maximum of 3 percent for a cash advance.

UnionBank Corporate Visa Card Eligibility

Because this is a corporate credit card, requirements are minimal for employees. Employers need to submit supporting documents to guarantee credit from the business. Interested applicants must be at least 21 years of age and have an existing business for a minimum of two years.

The UnionBank will also request financial statements indicating your business revenues, taxes, estimated monthly spendings, and a number of employees. Additionally, the contact information of your business will be asked of you, plus the industry type.

How to Apply for a UnionBank Corporate Visa Card

To apply, you can visit any UnionBank branches or apply online. The advantage of applying directly to the branch is you can get more information about the credit card. Prior to visiting a branch, you need to have the supporting documents ready for submission.

The online application is a convenient option if you are distant from a UnionBank branch. Start by visiting the UnionBank website, choose the Corporate Visa credit card, then click on Apply Now. You will need to fill out a form then attach required documents.

Interest, APR & Charges

  • Annual Fee – Php 1,500
  • Interest Rate – 3.5% monthly
  • Cash Advance – 6% of the transaction amount
  • Foreign Transaction Fee – 2%
  • Overlimit Charge – Php 500
  • Late Payment Fee – Php 750

Bank Address & Contact Details

For all banking and credit card concerns, you can reach out to the customer support hotline at 841-8600, which is open 24 hours. You can also email UnionBank at

For further assistance and urgent matters, you can visit UnionBank in their main office located at Meralco Avenue, UnionBank Plaza Building corner Onyx Street, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines.


Get the UnionBank Corporate Visa Card if you want to experience maximum flexibility of managing your finances and at the same time earn rewards. With this card in hand, cardholders can experience the luxury of having a corporate card while paying less for fees and charges.

For more information about the UnionBank Corporate Visa Card, visit the website of UnionBank.


Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Please see the bank’s Terms and Conditions page for more information