Perfect gift sa bansa ngayong Bagong Taon

Perfect gift sa bansa ngayong Bagong Taon

Perfect gift sa bansa ngayong Bagong TaonANG BILIS talagang lumipas ng panahon! January na naman. Isang bagong simula para sa ating lahat. Despite some setbacks na naranasan natin last year, Filipinos remain resilient, cheerful, and hopeful. Lagi tayong bumabangon pagkatapos ng mga pagsubok at hindi natin iniiwan ang isa’t isa especially during trying times dahil sino pa ba naman ang magtutulungan kundi tayo-tayo rin. At sana ay maging ganito pa rin tayong lahat ngayong 2013.

I asked some stars if they could give our country a perfect gift this New Year, what would it be and why. Here are their answers:

Bianca Gonzalez – A college scholarship for every child! Idealistic but how I wish every kid can study, graduate, get a job, and pay it forward.

Sitti – I would like to give everyone peace and happiness in their hearts and good food on the table three times a day. And someone to love and to love them back too. A heart for every heart.

Tintin Bersola-Babao – Peace. Prosperity.

K-La Rivera – If I could give a gift to the Philippines for the New Year it would be money to all those in need, just enough for everyone to get by and be able to support their families.

Direk GB Sampedro – It would be wisdom. Our country needs a lot of this for the coming election.

Hansen Nichols – The Christmas gift I would give our country if I could afford to do so are better roadways and intercity development and public transportation. That way, families could spend more quality time with each other rather than spending it stuck in traffic. Businesses could run more effectively and we could invite more foreign investors so Pinoys can stay in the country rather than leave to support their families. It’s like a gift of keeping families together.

Jayke Reyes – If I had the money I would buy gifts for the poor, for the needy or feed the hungry and share my blessings from God to others.


Kaibigan, usap tayo muli!

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by Boy Abunda