Nina Ricci Alagao, nag-sorry sa pagtira kay Toni Gonzaga, pero…

Nina Ricci Alagao, nag-sorry sa pagtira kay Toni Gonzaga, pero…

Nina-Ricci-AlagaoMATAPOS MAG-RANT kay Toni Gonzaga dahil sa pang-ookray nito sa Bb. Pilipinas candidates recently ay nag-sorry si Nina Ricci Alagao sa TV host.

“I apologize.

“If it will appease her fans then I apologize, but not without pointing out a few things. Just because I said what I said in my previous post it does not necessarily mean I am not also a fan of hers. I admire her confidence and determination. I have seen all her movies, been moved to tears and burst with laughter with her acts, and will continue to do so in the future. That does not also mean I did not defend her in the past when people spoke ill of her,” say ni Nina Riccci.

Sabi niya, she also had her own share of criticism in 2000: “I looked like a horse; won for being smart not beautiful; didn’t look anything like a beauty queen…it’s endless. But I was gracious in accepting all those criticisms, and used them for my betterment.”

Sa kanyang rants against Toni, she said, “She’s lucky she’s 30 and is where she is in life at this point. Try going back 15 years to the time when she was brown-skinned, her nose untrimmed, to the time when she would pass by and you would not take notice; and the time she was not allowed into a TV network building because she was mistaken for an alalay. Maybe that would remind her how it once felt to be humiliated, and be a little more forgiving with people who aren’t perfect.

“With all due respect the Bb. Pilipinas beauty pageant is the country’s most prestigious beauty pageant and is not a venue for ridicule and disrespect by a host. I hope she realizes that the one person she ridiculed the most for the world to see was none other than herself, proving that even though she may have hosted many events and shows in the past, hosting a prestigious beauty pageant may not be for her.”

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas