Nikki Gil, may issue sa virginity

Nikki Gil, may issue sa virginity

Nikki-GilMERON PALANG virginity issue si Nikki Gil na ikina-bother yata ng isang walang kuwentang basher.

“Why everyone’s saying you’re still a virgin? Everytime I’m seeing Coleen’s post a lot of people bashing her. Don’t deny the fact that once in your life with Billy (or even twice/thrice) that you went on vacation (inside/outside) the country with him and it’s just you and him so please stop pretending that you’re still a “virgin” for that five year relationship no one can ever believe okay? I wasn’t born yesterday,” tweet ng basher.

Bagay na ikinaloka ng BFF ni Nikki na si Iya Villania who wasted no time in defending her friend.

“She is still a virgin,” Iya asserted. “And the only time she traveled abroad with Billy was for work. It was not a vacation.”

Na-raise ang virginity issue ni Nikki dahil sa pag-pose ni Coleen Garcia ng iba’t ibang photos na naka-bikini while on vacation in Maldives recently. The basher probably thought Billy Crawford and Nikki had private moments, too, during the time that they were a couple kaya naman hindi siya naniniwalang virgin pa itong si Nikki.

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by Alex Valentine Brosas