News Anchor Jobs – How To Apply?

Does your passion lie in broadcast journalism? Have you ever dreamt of being the next great news anchor appearing in your own important show, interviewing significant people and dissecting news so that the masses could be informed easily and comprehend important events better?

Most people just assume that news anchors are just newsreaders – employed because of their pretty faces and eloquent speech. But they couldn’t be more wrong. News anchors’ function is more than presenting news in a news program. There are a lot of roles and responsibilities attached to their title.

News anchors do not just read the news. Most anchors also participate in collecting news. Because of this, you may realize that most news anchors like Jessica Soho, Mel Tiangco and Karen Davila have a background in Journalism or something loosely related like. They also have to be well versed with the current news since they provide commentary during the show.

News Anchor Jobs - How To Apply?
GMA-7’s 24 Oras News Anchors Iya Villania, Vicki Morales, Mike Enriquez and Mel Tiangco

They also have a say on how the program runs. They work behind the scenes by participating in the news through pitching stories or ideas, providing feedback, doing quality control (grammar check, etc.) and coordinating with producers to form the show’s structure.

These, and many more responsibilities, make news anchor jobs highly coveted. Imagine being a part of history daily. Also, networks and news programs only select the best of the best, making the competition for a spot tight.

You may be asking, how does one actually become a news anchor? There are many ways. Read on throughout the article for some tips and tricks.

1. Select Your Medium

When you think about being a news anchor, a TV anchor comes to mind first. But there are also news anchor in other mediums such as radio. When deciding where to apply, first decide which medium would you want to work on.

Would you prefer to be seen on TV, or are you more confident in being a radio news anchor? Select your preference and move from there.      

2.  Genre Is The Key

Say, for example, you have chosen to become a television news anchor. Good for you, as it gives you more exposure. Now, you should select which genre you would like to work in.

News programs tend to vary in format. Morning news programs tend to be more lively, to have a positive note at the start of the day. However, primetime news programs tend to be more serious and more informative as the day closes. So whichever is your preference, make sure your skills are compatible with your choice.

3. Watch Out For Announcements

Hiring for news anchors vacancies tend to be posted in television plugs or advertised on the show’s website or social media accounts. Subscribing to the show’s newsletter or following their accounts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter gives you more leverage. This way, you get to be among the first ones to get notified.

4. Job Banks

Aside from covering social media accounts and watching the news shows, I highly suggest making a profile on job bank pages. Creating your profile and customizing it to receive news anchor related job openings increases your chances of landing the job.

Here, you can also have access to the employers’ details. You can email them and ask them the relevant questions. This way, you portray your interest in the job, which could get you the actual job!

5.  Practice, Practice, Practice

When I say practice, it does not only involve reading news eloquently. It also involves you being up-to-date with the current situations in your community.

Understand that your job includes probing for the latest news, so in auditions, you could be asked to imagine yourself in situations where you get to interview a famous personality, or reporting from a disaster zone or pitch a news story. Regardless, a news anchor’s job is overarching, so you should cover a lot of fields and do it well.

News Anchor Jobs - How To Apply?
TV Patrol iconic anchors Noli de Castro, Korina Sanchez and Ted Failon


There you have it, a brief overview of how to apply for news anchor jobs. Make sure that you make all the proper preparations and I hope to see you in the news someday!