New Year, New Resolutions

2 Justine 1 JustinePEOPLE ALWAYS say that “promises are made to be broken” but as we change our calendars each and every year, we still cling to that fresh new start.

What are your resolutions this year? Like most people, I make it a point to have time to write them down despite the busy Yuletide season and hold on to them as long as I could. Resolutions are about getting rid of bad habits and achieving good, sometimes resolutions even make what it seems impossible…possible and that’s the wonder of it, it feels limitless. It really doesn’t matter how big or small the change is, I think what matters most is our determination to make it happen.


Getting rid of… 


Getting rid of a vice or two is the most common resolution we always hear, ” Today, I will quit smoking, drinking…” so on and so forth. Saying you’ll quit is easy but keeping your word is not, people always find it doable at first because they have the will power and determination, the problem usually happens when their body decided to look for that thing they used to always have.

Don’t panic and keep your heads up because this year is going to be different. Remind yourself on why you’ve decided to quit or want to get rid of that thing and trust yourself enough to believe that you can keep the promises you made to yourself. Whatever you are trying to get rid of, whether it’s an addiction, bad habit or simply losing weight always remember that resolutions made on the first day of the year or not…are not meant to be broken.


I will… 


Resolutions also often include things we want to achieve or start doing, things we think are impossible for us to do or to make happen. The key is commitment. Doing it over and over again until it becomes a habit, and become part of who you are. Change doesn’t happen overnight but consistency is more important. This year I want to start saving, eat right, study well, go to work early, exercise at least thrice a week among many other things. With prayer and discipline, I am optimistic that I can do my New Year’s resolution.

Write your resolutions this year, tell yourself this “I can and I will,” Don’t let anyone or anything hinders you to keep your resolutions.


By Justine Imbag