Nangakong ‘di na raw papatulan ang bashers
Sharon Cuneta, balik-patutsada na naman

<i>Nangakong ‘di na raw papatulan ang bashers </i><br>Sharon Cuneta, balik-patutsada na naman

<i>Nangakong ‘di na raw papatulan ang bashers </i><br>Sharon Cuneta, balik-patutsada na namanPARANG NAHIMASMASAN si Sharon Cuneta sa ginawa niyang pagpatol sa bashers niya sa Twitter. Pinatulan kasi niya ang mga patutsada sa kanya and many were surprised that she did, considering that she once made a promise na hindi na niya ito papatulan.

Shocking ang mga banat ni Sharon sa fans ni Piolo Pascual na pinagsususpetsahan niyang nangba-bash sa kanya. At one point, parang may gusto nang pasabugin si Sharon about Piolo na sadly ay hindi naman niya ginawa.

Sa Twitter din idinaan ni Sharon ang kanyang regret sa kanyang ginawa.

“Dearest Tweeties, I signed out from Twitter last night (early this morning), & my one regret is that I was hurt & forced to make patol again the bashers… I am so sorry if my having answered back has offended you… But that is me… I am a kind & good person & I have taken great pains over more than 3 decades to not be swallowed by the creature called showbiz… BUT I do know how to fight back… I know I shouldn’t have, but often it is hard to find a middleground, as I was raised to deal w/ such people in either of 2 ways: totally ignore them or put them in their place…,” sabi niya.

“I don’t think I will ever get use to people saying bad things to & about me & any member of my family… And in the end, what will matter to me is that my children wil know that when no one who was supposed to be protecting them did so their Mama risked irking the ire of even her most ardent supporters, in order to fight for them & our name… I will always protect KC… and though it is tempting to just blurt out what really happened that caused her the most pain in her relatively short life and caused her to cry probably a swimming pool of tears  because of her wishes that we try our best to keep our silence, I will leave them alone as long as they leave us alone… I have been missing you all as you & I have been nothing but happy these past several days… Talking about our recipes & trying them out, etc… I can only hope & pray that somehow, your hearts manage to understand that as they belittle, demean, insult & hurt all that I have worked for, that KC has worked for, my father’s & mother’s faces flash before my eyes, as do the faces of kiko, frankie, miel & miguel…”

She added, “And the fighter in me stands up to fight, to defend our honor… I am so sorry for having reacted in a way that may so unbecoming of someone like me… perhaps even unworthy of your love & adulatiion… But I am first & foremost a wife, a mother, a daughter… And I feel no shame in standing up for all of us… I realize, though, that I MUST learn how to let things just slide… As I now feel worse for making patol than I felt reading their vile tweets… Remember that I will always be me, that I never showed you a different person as a ‘celebrity,’ that what you see, like it or not, is all sides of me… The genuinely caring & sweet person, the fighter who will not take things just sitting down… But from hereon, I WILL choose my battles… Because even if I sometimes am forced to speak the only kind of language they seem to understand, I realize that I was not raised just to do that & stoop to levels I never thought I’d stoop to… I apologize again, & I want you all to know that it is NOT easy being in my shoes… but YOU, next to God, my family, & close friends, are the ones I have always drawn strength from… And for that and most of all, your love, I am forever grateful… I love you all sincerely… May God bless us all… Always, YOUR Sharon.”

Having said that, balik na naman si Sharon sa pagpatol whe she tweeted her follower this, “oo nga anak. Akala ko ba laos na ako? Eh pinagaaksayahan nila ako ng napakaraming oras at effort. Nagdududa tuloy ako sa pagkalaos ko!”

This was followed by another tweet, “yes nakakatawa sila. Laos na laos na talaga ako at binabantayan nila ako at followers ko! Hahaha”.
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by Alex Valentine Brosas