Movie Acting Jobs – How to Apply

All huge movie stars started from somewhere. Some artists get their big break from starring in different television commercials. Other artists start by signing up at talent management agencies. Regardless of how they do it, they all started small and worked their way up.

If you are looking to start somewhere as a movie star, then you should consider hiring an agent. This is one of the most common ways to have a breakthrough in the movie industry. Having an agent will allow you to access more casting calls, VTRs and connect you to the people in the industry.

However, you do not have an agent. If you do not have the means to have one, or have had an unfortunate experience with one, I have compiled the things that will help you start your movie acting career. Read on and take notes.

Movie Acting Jobs - How to Apply
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1. Start by Getting Attention

Do this by creating your own work if possible. Participate in small plays, or create short films with other creative individuals. Creating intelligent and creative work will definitely get the attention of producers or industry directors. It will also allow you to build your acting portfolio, hone your skills and expand your networks.        

2. Reach Out to the Right People

Of course, it is easier to do this once you have proof of your skill (as mentioned in Number 1). Reaching out to industry professionals, creating personalized emails and explaining why you want to work with them while highlighting the work they’ve done will have a huge impact. Networking through sending emails to other creatives and closely following the work of the people you admire in the business will give you leverage.

3. Always Keep Searching

Acting jobs are not seasonal. All year round, networks, production companies, among others, have year-round casting calls for various roles in movies. Grab these opportunities. Sign up for the newsletters, connect through social media, stay updated on the latest casting calls and job openings!

4. Know What You Want

The range of movie acting jobs are vast, and you have to work your way up. To be able to do so, you should know what you want. Are you gearing towards being an action star? A dramatic star? Would you prefer to be in a comedy?

Whichever you prefer, start from there. This way, you know which casting calls to participate in – those that bring you closer to your goal.

Movie Acting Jobs - How to Apply
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5. Do Not Be Picky

Before becoming big, stars had to take roles that other people might consider weird. But remember, every role you take helps you in your craft. It polishes you as an artist. So if the role aligns with your goal, even a minor acting role, then treat it as an award-worthy role and give it your best performance.

6. Job Banks, Talent Management and Agencies

Aside from the tips written above, you can also see casting calls or movie acting jobs in various job banks. As long as you have a profile on these websites, you can easily subscribe to specific job openings that fit your interests.

Meanwhile, talent management websites also have year-round applications. Regardless of which medium you choose, make sure your portfolio and photos or videos showcase you in your best acting abilities.


Of course, the tips written above are the generic tips and tricks that will help you on your way up to movie stardom. To be able to have many movie acting opportunities, it is highly suggested that you invest your time in building on these tips and tricks.

Spend 30 mins a day looking at openings, an hour to practice your craft or send one email a day to creatives. Good luck and hope to see you on the big screen!