Most Elite Credit Cards in Philippines (And the Perks That Come With)


If you are living and working in the Philippines, having a credit card or several cards will give you the most convenient life. Of course cash is still king. And debit cards are also relatively helpful but only to some extent. Credit card is the way to go.  I’m not saying this because I’m promoting it, I’m saying it because it is true. I myself have some and the convenience they give me is unmatched.

Having credit cards in the Philippines means you can pay your utilities from the comforts of your own home – no pesky lines in the malls, just click and go. You can also book your flights easily – no need to go to ticketing offices, wait and talk to an agent for your flight tickets. Finally, you can use these cards easily for your groceries and transportation requirements. The best part is you also earn points. Of course there are still more uses of credit cards, those three are the top I can think of.

Most Elite Credit Cards in Philippines (And the Perks That Come With)

With all the available credit cards that banks offer, how are you able to differentiate between all of those? Which has the most perks offered? Which gives more points? Which has the best customer service? Which cards offer best protection? Which offers best payment scheme? I know there are a lot of things to consider, so in this article, I compiled the top elite cards that you can consider before applying. 

Here are the top credit cards, together with the perks that come with them.



1. HSBC Platinum Visa

Of course, we all heard of HSBC, the banking giant. But have you heard of their HSBC Platinum Visa credit card? This card is specifically catered for the world traveler. With this, you can have free travel insurance while earning miles through their various programs.  

Main perks include: 1 airmile accumulated for every PhP25 spent; 10% fuel rebate on your first transaction with Caltex; 3% fuel rebate for the rest of your transactions with Caltex and travel insurance up to PhP10M.


2.  Metrobank Peso Platinum Mastercard

Metrobank offers comparable service with other international credit cards. Although the minimum yearly income requirement is higher, the perks make up to the number of elite services you can get with this card.

Main perks include: 24moths zero installment plans with partner merchandise; 1 reward point accumulated for every PhP20 spent; Free accidental death/disablement travel insurance of up to P5 million and triple reward from purchases at any of Rustan’s Department Store.

3. Bank of Commerce Platinum Mastercard

Bank of Commerce is one of the country’s largest lender by asset, majority of its shares is owned by the San Miguel Corporation. Although it is not as widely-known compared to other banks (the minimum yearly income of a candidate is a whopping 1.2. million pesos) the perks their Platinum Mastercard offers are somehow better compared to others.

Main perks include: usage of card anywhere in the world; availability of dual currency billing; lifetime waived annual membership fee; 1 reward point accumulated for every PhP25 spent.

4. Citi Premier Milers Card

Finally the most accessible of them all – Citi Premier Milers Card. Given that you only have to have a minimum monthly income of about 21000 pesos, this card is easier to get.

Main perks include: 1 local mile accumulated for every PhP30 spent; 1 overseas mile accumulated for every PhP30 spent; 1 never-expiring mile for every ₱30 you spend both here and abroad and access to VIP lounge local and abroad

Although there are other cards and banks out there, I think these four offer the best services and options. Of course, you can continue your search, but I bet that these four cards still come up among the best of the best.