Modeling Jobs – How To Apply?

HAVE YOU EVER fantasized living the life of a model, or a supermodel? Travelling the world in business or first class seats, being ferried from fashion shows to fashion shows, wearing the couture, seeing beautiful places, meeting amazing people?

Have you wondered how these supermodels started the life they are living? Where did the begin, or better yet, how did they all start their career? In this article, I have compiled the list on how to apply for a modeling job.

If you want to learn about how to be a supermodel and land different modeling jobs, this is the article for you! Continue reading to learn more about this glamorous profession!

Modeling Jobs - How To Apply?
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 1. Get a modeling agency

This will make or break your career as a model. The agency will open doors of opportunities for you, get you to casting calls, facilitate in booking you jobs, among many things. This also means they will manage your bookings, schedules and all logistics involved.

2. Have your model portfolio

I can’t stress this enough. In modeling, you are selling a product- clothes, accessories, service etc. This means you have to look fit for the job. Building your modeling portfolio means putting together your best photos, showcasing your talents. Ensure that these are updated and high-quality photos for better chances of getting booked.  

3. Go to castings

Consider this as a job interview. When you go to an interview, you put your best foot forward. Here, your modeling agency will send you to meet some clients. It may be at their office. Once you meet, you have to show them your portfolio. You should impress them with these wonderful shots. If they like what they see, they might invite you to their office and have you wear their clothes/products. This is how they will see how their products fit on you. They will also see how you could pose – technically your performance if they hire you for the photoshoot.

4. Direct booking

This is more applicable to experienced models. Some clients go check the models portfolio online and decide if they want to work with you. Or they have worked with you before and thus know that you are good fit for their product. Either way, they book you directly with your agency. This saves you from going through casting calls and straight to the job.

The above are the summarized version on how to apply for a modeling job. But of course, there are a lot of things not captured in those steps. In this second half of this article, I listed some of the tips you should remember when applying for a job.

Modeling Jobs - How To Apply?
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5. Prepare yourself for the competition

Need I say more, that the modeling world is highly competitive. You will be surrounded by equally or more beautiful individuals competing for the same job that you want.

6.  Personality matters!

In my previous post, I have discussed why personality is important. Since photoshoots are long and exhausting, they want someone whom they can work with easily. Less stress the better. In a high pressured environment, be the person that makes working fun and easy.

7. Master your poses

Apart from your face and physique, you should also master how you pose. Since poses are very limited (say you are endorsing a watch), go beyond the usual watch pose. Is the extra something your smoldering look, or your confident stance, or you smize? Whatever it is, be a cut above the rest.

8. Networking is key

Since you will be working with a lot of professionals from different fields (make up, hair, styling, photographers etc), make this to your advantage and leave a good impression – make sure you show how professional you are, keep in touch, just build a good relationship. Good networks allow other models to skip the casting calls and get booked directly by the clients.

All done! Now that I have summarized all my research, I hope you use it for good! Although I have given you the basics, remember that it is still up to you to hustle. Tag me when you book your first gig, yeah?