Mo Twister hasn’t move on in failed relationship with Rhian Ramos


Mo Twister hasn’t move on in failed relationship with Rhian Ramos

Mo Twister hasn’t move on in failed relationship with Rhian RamosAYAW MAGDETALYE NI Mo Twister kung paano ang mediation na ginagawa ni Atty. Lorna Capunan sa pagitan nila ni Rhian Ramos. Ang nasabi lang niya sa amin, last time na nakausap namin siya after ng airing ng Paparazzi, “I’m very happy with how everything… the process went. It was not as bad as everyone thinks. Everyone thinks may hearing, may law suit, may paper work. Wala, eh. It’s just bunch of friends getting together and talking about it.


“Naaawa ako kay Rhian. Ang daming nagsasabi… bakit kumuha ka pa ng lawyer? Hindi naman sa kumuha ng lawyer.  She just asked the advice of a common friend.

“Atty. Capunan is just a common friend, e. We’re all common friends. And I’ve made some mistakes that I think it be best if the right actions be taken. And that’s asking the help of a friend.

“And our friend happens just to be Lorna Capunan. Kung hindi ko kilala si Lorna, baka hindi mangyayari ‘yon.


“It really is just you know… I made a mistake. Let’s talk to someone who’s a professional or who’s my friend, who will be able to mediate to some of the stuff that happened.”

Mukha lang daw siyang naka-recover na. Pero within him daw, he still feels the pain of loosing someone na minahal niya nang lubos. Ando’n pa rin daw ‘yong sleepless nights at emptiness na dulot nga raw ng pagkawala ni Rhian.

“Yeah! I mean… I’ve lost something pretty special. And a big part of my life. So of course, there’ll gonna be sleepless nights. And I’ve lost some weight and stuff like that.

“But you know, the process that I’m doing right now is the right process. ‘Yong… make sure to be a better person first.  And then makikita mo na lang ‘yong mga improvements sa akin.”

Why don’t he try dating or courting again? Baka makatulong if he opens his heart to finding someone else new?

“No. I’m not really at that stage right now. Honestly, hindi pa talaga ako naka-move on.

“And… other girls right now are the last thing on my mind.  I don’t even wanna entertain any thoughts or any conversations about it. Gusto ko lang ayusin ko ‘yong sarili ko muna bago ako ulit magmahal.”

“I’ve made a mistake. Whatever is happening now is really a consequence of things that I’ve done. So this is not… I don’t want people to think bad of Rhian or sisihin siya here. I’m telling you this na hundred percent honestly that whatever happened is my fault. She’s really innocent on all of these things. Kawawa naman siya.”

He has learned his lessons daw sa mga nangyari.

“You know, just… protect the things you love.  Uhm… shut up!” natawa pa niyang sabi. “You don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Uhm… stay away from the internet. Kasi, it’s dangerous when you talk. Sometimes I think I’m just writing a diary and I forget that there’s about 340 thousand people who might be reading it.”

Maliit lang ang mundo ng showbiz. Magkikita at magkakaharap din sigurado sila ni Rhian one of these days. And if that happened?

“You know, I have no problem, I have no worries that we’re gonna be fine.”

E, paano kung iwasan o hindi siya pansinin ni Rhian sa pagkakataong hindi sinasadyang nagkita sila?

“She won’t. Because she’s a good person. So I don’t even doubt na that would happen. I know na if I see her, it will be okay with each other. I can’t understand why anyone would not say hi to her.”

Gano’n pa rin niya kamahal si Rhian kahit nagtapos na ang relasyon nila?

“I’m going through hard times right now. But if you’ll gonna ask me how much I love her, I mean it’s something that I can’t even give numbers or words. There’s nothing I can say.

“I think you can see it in my face and stuff like that. That I care about her. And anybody would. Whether it be me or someone else. If you spend enough time with her, you’ll realize that she is amazing.”

Talaga lang, huh!


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