Mo Twister, ‘di pa rin maka-get-over sa ‘abortion’ thing!

Mo Twister, ‘di pa rin maka-get-over sa ‘abortion’ thing!

Mo Twister, ‘di pa rin maka-get-over sa ‘abortion’ thing!GOODBYE NEW York na si Mo Twister. He’s going to Los Angeles na kasi to live for a long time.

“Moving to Los Angeles. My dad is sick so I’m gonna head over there & be with the family,” tweet niya.

Of course, Mo posted some photos of his last days in New York and this included a picture of the truck which hauled off his belongings and the beautiful maid which made his life a little lighter while living there.

Nakita namin ang Instagram photos ng maid ni Mo and she really looks beautiful. Not surprisingly, may kukumuha na raw sa dalaga for a commercial.

“A photo of us after a long day of cleaning and packing. This is not our best pic (especially with my bowl cut hairdo) she’s much much prettier in person. She was telling me that last week she was approached to do a commercial. Good for her! Adios. Muchas gracias for being the coolest househelp ever!”

“Her last day cleaning my place :( My gorgeous katulong na mukhang Victoria Secret model/Gisele Bundchen na Sofia Vergara. I always thought it was only in Philippine movies wherein they would cast incredibly hot actresses to play a katulong, but it happens pala in real life. Haaayy…. With her broken English and green eyes, it’s a sad day in NY,” tweet ng controversial host.

Isang follower ni Mo ang nakapansin na na-giging sickly lately ang TV host.

“Have you noticed you’re not as sick as much as you were last year?” sabi ni juliedemdam.

“Yeah, I noticed that too. I didn’t sleep and eat for a year… got sick. that whole abortion thing sucked the life out of me,” sagot naman ni Mo.

“I enjoyed my time in NY. It was therapeutic. Last year, I was in therapy 4hrs a week. I had like post traumatic stress disorder from what happened… with the loss. Therapy helped a bit but getting away was really good for me. I still feel terrible about it but this helped,” dagdag pa niya.

Does this mean that he has not gotten over the abortion thing? Ano’ng petsa na ’no?


TILA AFFECTED si Grace Lee sa lumabas na blind item. She felt alluded to yata sa nasabing item about a TV host na may diva attitude.

“It’s funny and quite sad to read or hear people make up stories about me especially my working relationship with any member of the staff,” she tweeted recently.

“Every staff, no matter how small their role, should be treated with respect and kindness. That’s the principle I have always lived by… making it possible to maintain good relationships w them over the years even when the show is over… to be friends w them til this day,” dagdag pa niya.

Naimbiyerna si Grace when one of her followers tagged her about a blind item na lumabas sa isang website. She felt that although she wasn’t named ay siya ang tinutukoy nito.

Ang sabi kasi sa blind item ay nagtaray si Grace when somebody touched her hair na naayos na ng kanyang hair stylist. Hindi raw ito nagustuhan ng Korean TV host. One time naman, nakipagbeso sa kaya ang isang staff pero ni ayaw niyang dumikit ang pisngi niya rito.

“It’s one thing to create rumors n another to attack person’s character. So to say I belittle and diva my way around certain staff is vicious,” tili ni Grace.

Then, pinatutsadahan niya ang nagsulat ng blind item about her.

“I hope this person, who I know teaches young people will cease to write vicious things abt people to get noticed, worst make money off of it.

“But thank you to my followers for forwarding me the link of the article. Now I understand why n where some negative sentiments r coming from.

“To think when I see this writer he has been nothing but kind n nice to me… how sad that this person has been putting a front all this time.”

Affected much, Grace?
Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas