Mich Liggayu, ‘di magandang gimik ang pagiging ‘two-timer’

Mich Liggayu, ‘di magandang gimik ang pagiging ‘two-timer’

Mich-LiggayuWHAT COULD be more sick publicity slant for Mich Liggayu (the girlfriend “widowed” by Jam Sebastian) than making it appear she was a two-timer?

Even before Jam’s death, kumakalat na ang tsismis na meron itong ibang nobyo, who was later identified as a certain Neo Domingo. We searched Neo’s photos on social media, and in fairness, he has the looks of an artista.

At ngayon ngang wala na si Jam, malaya na raw si Mich to flaunt their relationship in public. If true, eh, ano naman ngayon?

Mich has a life of her own.

But for some PR think tank to manufacture such tsismis para paingayin lang ang showbiz entry ni Mich is much too unfair for the girl. Let’s not forget na sinumang lalaki ang susunod na maugnay sa kanya will always be at the receiving end of the issue.

Mag-aalangan din ang guy sa sinseridad ni Mich sa feelings nito for the newfound love, always comparing himself to Jam. Imagine, patay na ang karibal niya, pero siyang buhay is still no match as Mich’s boyfriend?

Mich alone—being the “widow”—plus her talent already makes for a good publicity. Hindi na kailangan pang mag-imbento that she was a two-timer.

by Ronnie Carrasco III