Marian Rivera, eksena ang bagong hairdo

Marian Rivera, eksena ang bagong hairdo

Marian-RiveraMARIAN SOMETHING’S back from her honeymoon and made quite a scene dahil nagpagupit siya. Photos of her new hairdo was all over social media, as if naman it was a big thing. Fans rave on her new ‘do, gandang-ganda sila sa dyowa ni Dingdong Dantes.

“That’s what we call true happiness…. Contentment in life… Good aura… Being blessed, with hes husband dingdong, supportive family in both sides…. Marian, what else you can asked for…. You are truly blessed…… Happy life, beautiful face and handsome husband… That’s it..God has been so good to you.. You know why??? Because you are a very good person… God sees that in you.. So, forget those haters… the more you’re being creticized, the more abundant blessings you will get from God… You truly are good, good heart…. Pray always and God will always guide you and Dingdong..soon babies,” mahabang aria ng isang fan…

“Cute hair, nice outlook….. Wow….. getting young daily… Awesome!!!!!!!! Gorgeous body and beautiful face… Perfect in any way…. How i wish , i have that angelic face… We are created by God individually…. So, Marian ,we are looking forward for your soon , cute babies… We’ll pray for that,” say naman ng isa pa.

Nagmukhang bata ba si Marian? To her fans, yes, but to us, no.

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas