Maria Ozawa, dismayado sa pambubuking ng taga-Immigration


Maria Ozawa
Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa, dismayado sa pambubuking ng taga-ImmigrationMaria Ozawa, dismayado sa pambubuking ng taga-ImmigrationMaria Ozawa, dismayado sa pambubuking ng taga-Immigration

Screenshots Of Armee Camzon’s Posting
Screenshots Of Armee Camzon’s Posting

Hindi malaman ng dating Japanese adult video star na si Maria Ozawa kung magagalit o malulungkot siya sa aniya’y ginawang pakikialam sa kanyang ‘privacy’ ng isang empleyado ng Bureau of Immigration and Deportation.

Sa kanyang Facebook account, dismayadong nag-post ng kanyang saloobin si Maria nang malamang ipinost ng emplayadong si Armee Camzon sa social media nito ang kanyang ID/alien card na may caption na “I bet you know this girl”.

Ani Maria sa kanyang post, “I don’t know if I should be mad or sad…or even post this but since it’s something really wrong I would like to share it with you guys.
“One of my friends texted me today with this picture saying my privacy might be going viral.At first I didn’t know what she was talking about but when I saw the picture of my ID/alien card posted saying “I bet you know this girl” made me so mad and sad at the same time.
“This is very wrong. Immigration is a place where people TRUST and give their private accounts,details and look what she’s done to my privacy…Posting it on her social media.

“I LOVE this country and I’m doing my VERY best to stay here for good but how can I stay here for good when people like this really exist? How I’m I supposed to trust people?

If this was just someone I knew or some random people posting it for fun I can understand.They are just being bastos.

“But people who actually work in the immigration doing stuff like this? I just cannot believe it.

“The grab/Uber incident was bad as it is and then this happens…Should I file a complaint?

“My managers already know about this sad incident so I will leave it up to them but it’s just too sad and depressing I had to share it with you guys.”

Kalakip ng post ni Maria ang screenshots ng post ni Camzon at ang palitan ng komento roon.

Kahapon, sa posting ulit ni Maria sa kanyang FB, inihayag niya na wala nang gagawing legal na aksyon ang kanyang managers laban sa emplayada ng Immigration. Ipauubaya na lang umano nila ang karampatang aksyon sa nasabing ahensiya.

Ayon sa post, “The managers of Maria Ozawa are not pursuing any legal actions.

“We believe that Bureau of Immigration will make the necessary actions pertaining to the matter done by one employee and is not representative of the Agency as a whole.

“The Management is satisfied with the statements the spokesperson of Bureau of immigration earlier released regarding the matter.

“As a foreign artist working in the Philippines the management of Maria Ozawa believes that the Bureau of Immigration is a partner agency in the welfare of foreign nationals in the Philippines.

“We look forward continuously engaging them in a professional manner.”

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