Manny Pacquiao, wala nang dapat pang patunayan

Manny Pacquiao, wala nang dapat pang patunayan

Manny Pacquiao, wala nang dapat pang patunayanBLIND ITEM: A staff behind a weekly TV production confirmed that its forty something female host is indeed getting goosebumps dahil type niya ang kanyang bagets actor-guest in her recent birthday episode.

We saw the episode ourselves, ilang gaps ang inilaan para sa kunu-kunong surprise visit ng young actor sa studio gayong una: wala namang bagong TV project o movie ang ipino-promote ng huli; at pangalawa, neither are the female TV host and the bagets actor together in any existing teleserye.

So teary-eyed was the female host, obviously touched by the bagets’ gesture of coming to the studio just to greet her. Noong una, we dismissed it as nothing but “motherly” love, pero mismong ang staff na rin ng programang ‘yon ang nagbuking na type ng female host ang young actor na itago na lang natin sa pangalang Andrei Jefferson (definitely, no relation to Thomas Jefferson!).

As for the female host, let’s conceal her identity by namin her Beatrice de Janeiro. But she’s no Brazilian, ha?


SO MUCH has been said, written as well as broadcast about Manny Pacquiao’s defeat in his last Sunday’s bout against Juan Manuel Marquez. Sari-sari ang mga reaksiyon ng ating mga kababayan, may mga nanlulumo sa kanyang pagkatalo as there were those who believed that there was divine intervention.

Maraming dahilan ang nagsulputan to prove Pacman’s loss. According to boxing experts, compared to his opponent, Manny fell short of the training required. As far as his mom Dionesia is concerned, ang pagsanib naman daw ng kanyang anak sa ibang pananampalataya ang dahilan ng pagkatalo nito.

We could only think of a number of reasons dahil tapos na ang laban. Kumbaga, as a relief, naghahanap na lang tayo ng mga dahilan to justify Manny’s defeat. But whether such reasons are justifiable or not, klaro ang kinalabasan ng laban: Pacman lost. In fairness though, Pacman welcomed his defeat, thus proving to the entire boxing world that after all, defeat is not like a bitter pill to ingest dahil puwede rin palang namnamin ang pagkatalo.

Given his positive attitude, mas lawak-lawakan sana ni Pacman ang kanyang perspektibo towards life in general. Boxing is just a chunk in his existence, the other being public governance.

His defeat to Marquez comes as one whole package as heavily stuffed as his boxing gloves: a humbling experience, a wake-up call and a turning point in his life to reassess and re-examine kung ano ba talaga ang misyon niya sa buhay.  It is in rediscovering what his real purpose in life that will make him fight the odds and emerge as winner.

Huwag nang sagarin pa ni Pacman ang kanyang magandang kapalaran, as pushing his luck too far means avarice (read: pagiging ganid at gahaman sa pera). Wala na siyang dapat pang patunayan. Given his net worth, Manny can live ten lifetimes and still will not see the face of poverty staring at him.


HALOS KELAN lang when the first Shake, Rattle & Roll took the Metro Manila Film Festival, ‘eto’t pang-14 na pala ito.

Directed by Chito Roño, the trilogy is titled The Invasion. Pero hindi ito ang catch. After five years of hibernation ay muling nagbabalik si Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista who got his MMFF Best Actor award  for its first part Manananggal.

Hindi kaila that it was Viva Films that built up Herbert, who later earned the distinction of being the country’s Comedy Prince. Dito nagsimula ang kanyang mga youth-oriented films like the first and second parts of Bagets.

In this year’s MMFF entry by Regal Entertainment, Herbert leads the cast of Ang Pamana.

by Ronnie Carrasco III