All for Love

All for Love

All for LoveIT’S ALMOST Valentine’s Day, love is in the air! With everything so mushy and sweet, I can’t help but to tell you about a real life love story that could be a perfect film story.




Janice is the eldest in the family. She is like most of the Overseas Filipino workers who left the Philippines to provide for her family while Jeorge left Germany to respond to the call of his career. Jeorge and Janice left home for a greener pasture; little do they know that in a foreign land…they’ll find their one great love… they’ll find each other.


Fate brought Janice and Jeorge to Singapore.


They always say “that love knows no boundaries” and Janice’s love for Jeorge took her to places she didn’t imagine that she’d be, places too far from home. They moved from one country to another; Singapore, Malaysia, Germany and Wales. Jeorge knew Janice’s love for her family so he promised her that he would help her in supporting them and Jeorge didn’t break that promise after Janice gave up her job in Singapore. It was in Wales where Janice realised that Jeorge was the one for him. It was where they decided to start a life forever!


I witnessed how good Jeorge as a husband to Janice and a father to his kids, no matter how tired he is from work, he would find time for them. Jeorge does have a good relationship with Janice’s family as well; he understands the sacrifices of Janice being away from home. He treats Janice’s friends and relatives as his own. Jeorge’s family embraced Janice with open arms, despite the cultural differences.


I’ve known Janice all my life, I could attest to her love for Jeorge. She loves Jeorge so much because for a goal- getter kind of woman like herself, it was a hard decision for her give up her career and settled as housewife and a full-time mother. Truly, love can turn life up-side down, isn’t it?  What’s their secret? I would use the line from everyone’s favourite song “it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it is compromise.”


By Justine Imbag