Love team nina Alden Richards at Maine Mendoza, pinagpaplanuhan na raw na isabotahe

Love team nina Alden Richards at Maine Mendoza, pinagpaplanuhan na raw na isabotahe

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza

The website operator of Aldub Files is clearly hinting that someone is out to sabotage Maine Something and Alden Richards.

In a short articled titled BEWARE OF SABOTAGE ON ALDEN AND MAINE ay pinalalabas na merong mananabotahe sa kanilang idols.

“A deliberate action aimed at weakening ALDUB fever through subversion, obstruction or destruction. In any ways, may it be directly or indirectly targeting the super love team. Brand x have been trying to death in hindering and pulling down the popularity of Aldub. Arrays of peculiar plans with just one clear motive of bringing down Aldub.

“What the other brand haven’t known is that the more they underestimate Aldub, the more they perceive the couple as underdog, the ALDUB NATION  triples the effort to show and support Alden and Maine.

“No amount of sabotage and dirty tactics can ever stain the solid, unified and strong ties of Aldub Nation. Over and over, don’t underestimate the power of Aldub Nation. For a true Aldub Nation tackles ever hurdle set along the way without a single complain and hesitation. Patronizes and supports the best love team of all time without condition and restrictions. Loves and believes Aldub until the end of no endings. So, welcome saboteur for you have an enormous tasks to do, and expect a boomerang in all that you have done.”

‘Yan ang nakalagay na message sa nasabing website.

It was not clear, however, kung sino ang sasabotahe kina Maine at Alden and how it will be done. Very vague  ang pagkakasulat. Parang gusto lang magpapansin ng website.

They could have named Brand X pero hindi nila ginawa. Afraid?

Bakit hindi pinangalanan kung sino ang mananabotahe? Dahil wala naman talaga at nagha-hallucinate lang sila?

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas